“Episode 15” of CBS Big Brother 22 has taken a toll on the All-Stars. To begin, Tyler is forcing Dani, his own alliance member, to consider back-dooring him, because he’s planting seeds behind her back. As well as that, Tyler extends an olive branch, but Bayleigh wants Tyler’s head on a platter. Also, Ian is really depressed and medics are called to the house. Lets hope the All-Stars survive to the end of Big Brother 22.

First and foremost, Tyler has regrets in the game. “I definitely risked my own game to help out Davonne and Bayleigh. And now it’s coming back to bite me,” Tyler confesses in the Diary Room.

Elsewhere, during this segment we learn Bayleigh wants to play the game. “I do not want to be here with these people,” Bayleigh says to Davonne after being nominated by Christmas.

Consequently, when it comes to the game, Christmas is only loyal to The Committee.

“Bayleigh and Davonne are not in my alliance and my loyalty lies with The Committee,” Christmas says in the Diary Room.

Meanwhile, in the DR, Dani has to do damage control. “Awesome! Tyler and I are supposed to be working together,” Dani sighs, “but now I am finding out that he’s the one that has been telling Bayleigh and Davonne that I am coming after them. Now, I need to try and figure out how I can spin this around in my favor.

Not only that, Dani realizes that she wants to backdoor Tyler. “He has to be backd-oored,” Dani says.

Granted, Tyler has given Dani a reason to back door him. “Tyler is a huge threat, but because we are in the committee together, I haven’t been able to go after him,” Dani relates, “but now, Tyler has given me the perfect excuse to potentially get him back-doored this week. Thanks Tyler.”

Meantime, during this airing, the game took it’s toll on Ian.

“I have not gotten any solid sleep for two days now. And my heart is just pounding and I am getting sharp pains throughout my chest throughout the entire night, tossing and turning, waking up other people in the room. And I don’t feel good,” Ian says in DR.

On top of that, Ian is depressed. “Unfortunately, Ian is not feeling well, and the medic has determined that is unable to compete in this competition,” David says at the POV game.

Afterward, Dani tells us what she thinks in the DR. “If I could have it my way, I would have Christmas throw Tyler up there as a back door,” Dani says if Davonne or Bayleigh wins POV.

That being said, the game has taken a toll on Tyler. “He is thin,” Cody says about Tyler.

Apart from this, Tyler has lost a lot of weight on Big Brother. “He is looking really, really thin,” Dani says about Tyler while in the backyard.

Overall, the All-Stars have noticed Tyler’s weight loss. “He looks emaciated,” Ian says.

As well as that, Tyler is really having a hard in the game.

“This game is f..king with your head, man. I just don’t feel right. I am not like myself. I know people are noticing it, because I feel like I am acting different,” Tyler winces. “And I want to catch a second wind and hopefully find the Big Brother love again, but it’s not happening.”

Moreover, Tyler’s conscience is bugging him about something. Tyler tells us: “I definitely feel like I am probably having a little bit of a moral dilemma. Something not right. There’s something not right.” It probably has to do with a girl.

In addition to this, Tyler is feeling terrible. “I feel like I am the cause for a lot of the stress in the house, and that’s not how I want to play,” Tyler says.

In fact, Tyler has a guilty conscience. “I just have a very guilty conscience how I’ve played this game. And I feel there is no other way for me to get out of this situation,” Tyler replies.

However, Bayleigh still doesn’t trust Tyler. “My last little scary thought. Is there a possibility that you think this can be a ploy for him to look good on TV, and not really happen. Like for him to look good and him sacrificing himself, and she [Christmas] doesn’t do it?” Bayleigh cautiously reveals. “Honestly, this does not erase the damage he has done to Day and I in this game. And I still have lingering bad feelings about him every since our time on BB 20. I don’t trust him, and I don’t think I will ever be able to trust him. A leopard does not change their spots.” If Bsyleigh is right, she is a very clever woman.

Even though Tyler ended beef with her, Bayleigh wants Tyler dead. “She wants his head on a silver platter,” Davonne confesses about Bayleigh.

Because too many bad things happened, Bayleigh won’t squash the beef with Tyler. “Surprise, surprise. Despite all of Tyler’s promises, he did not come through and Day and I are still on the block. Tyler is a snake and Christmas is a sheep. They deserve each other,” Bayleigh says after the POV ceremony in the DR.

Up to this point, in live feeds, Dani is playing with Cody.

“I feel like your lying. Yeah, swear,” Dani about Cody.

In live feeds, when it comes to the game, Cody is looking real tired. “You always have bags under your eyes. You literally look like you been on an all night binger,” Dani says about Cody.

As well, we learn that Cody thinks that Dani looks real mean. “Your listening very intently has a very, very mean look to it,” Cody said to Dani

The live feeds, too, teach us that the Big Brother 22 house is infested with ants. “Don’t touch it. Get a napkin… look at the wall. Do you see any on the wall,” Dani says about ants in the house. Cody adds, “They are all over me. They are everywhere… this is an insane amount of ants.”

Besides that, Cody feels like the Big Brother 22 house is a joke. “I hate this. Why are we f..king here. this is a f..king joke,” Cody says about the ants and the house. “This is f..kin insane. This has been a problem for years. so many on the frig. there is like so many dead one right here,” Cody blurts out.

Toward the end of this segment, Dani just wants to sleep. “Let us sleep to 11 am? Not happening,” Dani tells Cody.

To conclude, this episode was hard on the All-Stars. Dani had to entertain the idea that she should backdoor Tyler. Also, Tyler wanted to sacrifice himself in order to make amends with Bayleigh and Davonne. Not only that, Ian is really depressed, and he needs medical attention. This was a difficult episode for the players.

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