In “State of Mind” of Impulse, Henry must deal with a few problems. First, her powers of teleportation are out of control. As well, Henry must deal with her teacher who has a bad intent. These are some challenges for Henry in this episode.

To begin, Jenna learns about Henry’s powers. “How are you here?” Jenna asks Henry who somehow got home before her.

However, Henry can’t explain how she made it home. “I don’t know,” says Henry.

Henry chalks it up to a blackout.

“I was in his trunk, and I had a seizure. And I blacked out. I don’t know what’s happening to me,” Henry says about jumping from Lucas’ trunk.

In fact, people would think Henry is crazy if told the police about her powers. Henry says to Jenna: “Jenna, we cannot call the police. Do you think I can explain this to the police?” That being said, if the government found out about Henry’s powers, they would lock her up.

Henry goes to the doctor to rule out any head problems.

“Like I blacked out. Like I lost time then I was in a different place,” Henry says to the doctor about her seizures.

Afterward, Henry reveals she’s a graffiti artist to Clay. “It’s spray paint,” Henry says to Clay “Have I seen your work,” Clay says. “Maybe,” Henry says.

At the end of this episode, Henry drops knowledge to Dr. Paige about her high school teacher, Mr. Gibson.

“I for one are not really ready to move on. Not since you inappropriately put your hands on me in class. Equally inappropriate was the bullying of a student with autism,” Henry reveals, “who doesn’t know how to defend himself, which is if we’re being honest, is how this incident began.”

Henry points out the obvious to Dr. Paige. “Dr. Paige, can I ask you. How are we expected to conduct ourselves with an example like Mr. Gibson who claims he has a doctrate when he really does not?” Henry wonders. “I just have to wonder what example this sets for the youth of America. You know, lie and you will be put in a position of power. Take advantage of those you deem weaker than you and you will be rewarded?”

Overall, this was a good broadcast. We got to see Henry’s powers of teleportation, even though she blamed it on a blackout. Plus, it was good that Henry exposed a bad teacher. I enjoyed this episode.

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