Impulse is web television series which premiered on Youtube Premuim on June 6, 2018th. It focuses on Henry, a woman with extraordinary powers of teleportation, who begins to discover her powers when she’s emotionally upset. Basically, it’s a sequel to the 1992 novel Jumper by Steven Gould, who later turned the novel into the 2009 movie Jumper.

In this first episode or pilot, we learn that Henry is a tagger. “You know in most places, tagging is considered an art form,” Henry points out to her mother.

As the broadcast continues, Townes Linderman, an autistic student in one of Henry’s high school classes, notices her strange powers. “My pens started to move when your seizure started. So did other objects in the room,” Townes tells Henry after she had a seizure in class.

At this point, Townes has a theory for Henry’s powers. “Brain tumors can cause psychic episodes,” he says to a shaken Henry during lunch break.

Afterward, Henry hangs out with the local high school basketball star, Clay Booth, who makes a move on her. “So what’s your deal? Why are you always alone?” Clay asks Henry after stealing her car from his father’s car lot.

Point black, Henry answers Clay. She smiles and says, “I like being alone.”

Toward the end of this episode, Clay sexually assaults Henry, which is always wrong. That being said, two wrongs don’t make a right. The lesson here: don’t get a pervert to steal things.

Overall, I just started watching this series. It seems like it has a good story. However, something about it: I can’t put my finger on it, yet it stood out to me for some reason.

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