This broadcast was about fantasy. To start, Kaysar doesn’t know what time it is. Not only that, Memphis knows he’s in a fantasy world. On top of that, the Big Brother house skylights have fake buildings to go with them. Finally, Tyler is beginning to see through the mist; however, he continues to lie. Welcome to Disneyland.

To begin, the house wants Kaysar out. “Everyone wants Kaysar out,” Enzo says in his HOH to his alliance allies.

At this point in the game, Nicole takes some time to comment on Enzo’s game. Nicole states: “Enzo took the safe route this week. He put up Kevin who is a floater, and he put up Kaysar who is completely alone.” Nicole dropping dirt- nice.

Since being put on the block, Kayser has been living in Disneyland and Enzo knows it. “Yeah, ok!? I just put you on the block. You are the target. I definitely want to work with you, yeah!? The only relationship we’re going to have is a long distance one. With you outside the house,” Enzo says in the DR in regards to Kaysar as one of his nominations.

Speaking of fantasy, Bayleigh sees David as living in a fantasy world. “He lives in a whole different world,” Bayleigh says about David.

In this segment, we learn about Enzo’s plan B. “You’re going to go home, maybe,” Enzo says behind Ian’s back to Cody in the HOH.

When it comes to Big Brother, they really do live in a bubble. For example, the skylights all have fake buildings. Talk about living in a fantasy world.

Elsewhere, Memphis makes an astute observation about the Big Brother house.

“You know, we’re stuck in a house. We have no idea what’s going on in the outside world. So we try to find some sort of normalcy in this madness,” Memphis says to a rundown looking Kaysar.

Kaysar rubbed Bayleigh the wrong way. Bayleigh tells Kaysar, saying, “I am not stupid. Don’t say ‘think about it’. I get the concept.” Smooth move, Kaysar.

Meanwhile, Ian figures out that he may not be safe. “Hell, I could be up there. Kevin being off the block could be bad for me,” Ian says about Enzo.

In this episode, Tyler confesses to lying. “Dani leaves, and I am trying to lie to Nicole,” Tyler says about Dani.

When it comes to Dani, Enzo believes in loose lips sink ships.

“We can’t let people outside the secret alliance know about the secret alliance,” Enzo says about the Slick Six Alliance to Tyler. “She’s too dangerous, yo.”

Because Dani revealed a secret meeting to an outsider, Nicole, Tyler wants to send Dani packing. “Backdoor her. I don’t give a f..k,” Tyler says about Dani to Enzo in the HOH.

Immediately, Enzo calls out Tyler. “You want to backdoor an allie?” Enzo says to Tyler.

That being said, I can’t believe Nicole didn’t know about the Slick Six Alliance since Dani is her best friend. Enzo tells Tyler, saying, “You my guy. We have the numbers to get rid of Dani right now.” Lets be real, guys.

At the end of this broadcast, Tyler makes it known what he thinks about Dani.

“Alright, Dani, you got off easy this week. But I see what you’re doing behind the scenes. And it’s not going to last. Everybody’s got an expiration date in this game. Yours might be coming up soon,” Tyler reveals in DR.

In conclusion, this episode unreal. Kaysar, an O.G Big Brother legend, lives in Disneyland when it comes to his gameplay- who would of thought. Also, Dani’s days may be numbered for being the puppet master. Finally, Tyler likes to lie when it suits him. This episode was unreal, man, unreal- freaking Disneyland.

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