This airing of Big Brother is about competition. First and foremost, Dani kills two birds with one rock. As well, Tyler doesn’t like a certain “thing” in the house. On top of that, Kaysar reveals his mission while in the house. Not only that, Enzo realizes, eventually, all survival rates must reach zero in the Big Brother house. May the best person win.

To start, Kaysar is scared, since Janelle left the house.

“This is the first time I been in this house without Janelle. They’re coming for me next,” Kaysar sighs.

Kaysar is a wanted man. “I’ve been hunted like since I set foot in this house,” Kaysar said.

For Kaysar, it’s do or die. “Everything is riding on this right now. I have to win,” Kaysar says.

Tyler is worried about Kaysar aka “the thing,” since he put him on the block. Tyler explains to the DR: “In this HOH, I definitely don’t want to see Kaysar winning, because I just made him ride the block the whole week. Please someone from my alliances, preferably Enzo or Cody, pull this thing out,” Tyler says.

Dani got her wish.

“Truthfully, I am happy Janelle is gone, but I was one of the two votes to evict Kaysar,” Dani says about evicting Kaysar or Janelle.

However, Dani pitted Janelle on eviction night. “I voted to evict Kaysar, because I wanted to give Janelle a pity vote,” Dani says.

Meanwhile, Dani likes to stir the pot. “But also, if I can stir up a little craziness in this house, why not,” Dani says.

Elsewhere, we learn Janelle got the best of Nicole while in the house.

“Janelle leaving definitely takes a lot of weight off my shoulders. At first, it was very awkward and uncomfortable for the first couple of weeks in here and especially the last week, so now I feel I am definitely able to play my game to the best of my ability,” Nicole says.

Aside, Ian has a beautiful mind. “I used to teach physics,” Ian says

During this segment, David points out some of his weak points in the game. “I messed up. I outed Tyler’s name to Davonne and Bayleigh,” David says. “If you can’t be a social beast, you can at least be a comp beast.”

Cody made it known that he wants Kaysar out. “If Kaysar wins this HOH, I will end up on the block,” Cody says.

Dani, too, wants to beat Kaysar in this week’s HOH.

“I need to make sure that I advance to the next round, so I can compete against Kaysar and stop him from being HOH,” Dani says.

Kevin is wising up and beginning to not trusting anybody when it comes to the game. “I don’t trust anyone in this house, so I am going to go for it,” Kevin says.

When it comes to this airing, David, the rookie, has Memphis scared.

“Definitely want to win HOH. I want to continue to have the power in the house. If I win this, I am definitely going after David again,” Memphis reveals. “I think last time I put David on the block. You know, it wasn’t quite the time to send him home. i don’t feel safe if he wins HOH. So in my world, he has to go.”

Afterword, in the DR, Kaysar sees the end. “I know my Big Brother life is on the line,” Kaysar says.

In the DR, Tyler reveals his feelings about Kaysar.

“I am really, really nervous. I really don’t want this dude to land that last ball,” Tyler says about Kaysar after congratulating him on landing balls during the game.

During the HOH, Enzo wins.

“That’s it! Lets go. That’s it, right here. New HOH right here. Ten years I waited for this opportunity. I don’t care who was in this house. I am coming after everybody. I want blood all over me, yo. I am here to cause chaos and win this thing. I could punch a hole through this DR man, right now,” Enzo yells in a DR session.

Meanwhile, Kaysar is bitter about losing the HOH.

“I should have that key around my neck right now,” Kaysar says after losing HOH. “I not giving up. I am a fighter. They are going to have to drag me out of here.”

After the eviction, the All-Stars sit around and talk about the vote. “Who did you vote for,” Dani questions David. “Why you putting me on the spot,” David later reveals in DR.

When it comes to this game, Kaysar is on a mission, because he’s no joker.

“I have to eat my own meat,” Kaysar says his religious requirements. “Conversations like these are a big part why I came back. I couldn’t sit idly by and watch the world burn.” Kaysar further adds, “I couldn’t look at my son and wonder what would happen to him if I didn’t do anything.”

That being said, Kaysar was powerless to change anything in the house. “I was really hoping things would change,” Kaysar says about being on the block.

Consequently, Enzo can see the end of the game. “Everyone has an expiration date in this house,” Enzo tells us.

Briefly, this episode resembled a war. Dani was after Janelle and Kaysar, and she got her wish when they were evicted. Meanwhile, Tyler played it low key when maneuvering things in the background. Finally, Kaysar fought for survival; that being said, he lost HOH to Enzo, so now he goes home. This episode was one big contest.

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