This broadcast of Big Brother 22 was about blind-sight. First, Kaysar’s game was contingent on Janelle, so now he has to change his game, if she leaves the house. Not only that, Tyler is blind-sighted by a rookie. On top of that, Julie Chan could not think when this episode went live. These were some of the things I saw in this airing.

By nominating Janelle for eviction, Tyler just made himself the newest biggest target in the Big Brother house. Tyler reveals in DR: “I put up Janelle and Kaysar cause I heard they were coming after me. I am starting to realize that may of not been the best move. All I am doing is knocking out a bigger target and moving myself up on the target list.” Of course, this depends on Janelle going home.

As a consequence of Janelle being on the block, Kaysar is going to retaliate.

“I am going to make sure that the alliance that sent you out the door is going to pay,” Kaysar announces in DR.

In this episode, the axe does stop at Janelle. “Da’vonne is team Janelle,” Dani says to her alliance.

That being said, Janelle’s days were always numbered, because she’s a Big Brother OG.

“With a big target on her back, Janelle’s days are numbered. But you don’t earn the title of legend for nothing,” Julie Chan told us.

In this segment, we learn Kaysar is hurt since Janelle could leave the house. Kaysar tells DR: “I’ve never outlasted Janelle in this game. If she leaves, I am going to have to rethink my game.” Don’t be a crybaby, Kaysar.

Apparently, the Big Brother house really wants the OG’s to go home.

“Which ever one of them goes, the other is falling them out,” Cody says about Janelle and Kaysar.

Kaysar does have some brains, though, as we learn in this broadcast. “I don’t trust anyone as far as I can throw them,” Kaysar reveals.

We learn, too, in this episode, the people have spoken: Janelle goes home.

“The powers that be have already decided. Janelle is the one who is going home this week,” Kaysar sighs.

Elsewhere, we get some insight into Ian Terry’s game strategy.

“Going into the house my plan was to lay low for the next 5 weeks. My strategy was to act dumb.” You don’t say, Ian.

In this airing, Janelle campaigns and spells out the obvious to the Big Brother house. Janelle states: “I am a massive target who can’t win comps. That’s good for you.” Kevin, however, needs to be told.

Janelle had it right, though, that she was a huge target. “I think they may vote to keep me cause I am a huge target,” Janelle explains to Cody.

Nevertheless, Janelle smells like desperate. She tells Cody, saying, “I would let you hold on to my wedding band as collateral.”

Meanwhile, Julie Chan tells us about a rookie in the game. “A rookie mistake threatens to blow up the house,” Julie says about David’s mistake.

This “rookie” betrayed Tyler, a very good game player considered by an OG Big Brother player.

“I’ve heard from Dani, just now, that Da’vonne is trying to flip the vote. You cannot tell Da’vonne, dude, cause that will blow us up,” Tyler tells David. “I am about to take out Janelle, the biggest target in the house, and now, my friend, David, might of just made me the new biggest target.”

In Tyler’s interest, he got David to feel responsible for blowing the game. “I trusted you, and I wanted to let you know. How did you get cornered? And how did they even push you to make say that? I get that man, and that’s why I want to be here for you dude. I am gone next week, David. yo, I don’t play here next week. And if I am out of here, I am not here to fight for you, anymore,” sighs Tyler, “and that’s all I been doing in this game. I don’t appreciate you f..king me over when all I was trying to do was help you. What are you doing man. This might screw me over with Da’vonne forever. I really wanted the slick six to actually work. all i know is i can’t tell David anything for now on and i need to watch out for Da’vonne for now on.” However, Dani told Tyler, but Tyler needs to focus on his game.

Later, Tyler reveals his thoughts to Cody on David. “David is like dead to me,” Tyler tells Cody.

Now that Tyler is exposed, he sees the benefit of keeping Janelle.

“And right after he tells me he threw me under the bus, he f..ks himself on both sides,” Tyler explains to Cody. “David is exposing my game to my alliance making me an even bigger target. Maybe keeping Janelle here is good because maybe she’s a shield for me.”

At the end of this episode, Julie Chan can’t think, but she gives her take on the game. “All right. Let me get back on script. What is happening?” Julie says out loud. “Cody feels Janelle is bigger threat than Kaysar. Is it better to keep the target in the house?” Julie says about Cody’s vote. “How will her eviction change the dynamic in the house,” Julie adds.

Overall, this segment blind-sighted a lot of All-Stars. Kaysar has to go back to the drawing board because he never thought Janelle would be evicted before him. Also, Tyler was blind-sighted by a rookie. Plus, Julie Chan was confused. Lot got stumbled in this episode.

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