“Episode 9” is a mixed bag. We learn Dani reads the bible. On top of that, Tyler is cold-blooded. Finally, Janelle and Kaysar are worried. These storylines stick out in this airing.

During this broadcast, we learn Dani reads the bible. Dani tells Nicole, saying, “Start with Proverbs. It’s right in the middle.” Dani knows her bible.

Not only that, Dani has read the New Testament. “Start with Matthew, Mark, Luke, John,” Dani says to Nicole.

As well as that, Dani has read the incestious parts of the bible.

“Literally talking about sleeping with your wife’s cousins. It’s really funky,” Dani explains to Nicole.

Meanwhile, Janelle wants to return to the game when she’s evicted. “I still think there is a battleback,” Janelle tells the audience.

Elsewhere, Tyler doesn’t trust Devon.

“If Dave keeps talking and try to stir us up and blow us up than that’s what’s up,” Tyler says under his breathe.

In fact, Tyler can only trust a few people. “we can’t trust anybody beside us,” Tyler says to his alliance.

Right on, Janelle.

“I am a strong woman. And I will never give them the satisfaction of seeing me hurt or upset,” says Janelle about being strong.

Afterward, Enzo is finally catching on to Tyler. “Tyler is cold blooded,” Enzo confesses to some All-Stars.

Because two Big Brother legends ended up on the block this week, they better come through in the POV.

“This is do or die at this point,” says Janelle, a living Big Brother legend.

Later, during DR, Dani reveals her strategy in the game. “I have a lot of relationships and alliances in this house, but this is my third time playing Big Brother. So I know the truth is, you can’t really trust anybody,” Dani reveals, “so my strategy is to plant little seeds here and there, about different people in this house to help me along in the future. I am not afraid to stab them in the back, and that’s exactly what I am going to do.”

Along with this, Dani talks about Tyler.

“When it comes to friends on the surface, Dani and Tyler have it covered. Dani says, ‘I am already in an alliance with Tyler, and I genuinely do really like him. He’s really good at this game. He can’t stay, or we have not shot,” Dani points out, “but realistically, I don’t know if I can beat him in the end, so he will have to go eventually. But for right now, Tyler needs to do his part to make sure my number one target, Janelle, leaves the house this week.”

In the Big Brother house, vanity is a virtue. “People in this house go to extreme lengths for beauty,” Ian says about Janelle and her vampire peels.

Since vanity is a big thing in the Big Brother house, Ian has some fun with Janelle.

“1 is pure acid,” Ian says about Janelle’s Blood face mask. “You’re freaking me out,” Janelle cries. “Ok, I’ll stop,” Ian smiles.

Meanwhile, Tyler knows what’s up in the Big Brother house. “No, we can’t trust anybody besides us,” Tyler informs his alliance.

At the end of the broadcast, Kaysar is mad as hell. “If I stay in this house, I am going to come back gunning,” Kaysar warns.

Not only do we learn Dani’s strategy, but also she’s looking to get Janelle out.

“After three weeks, we’re finally getting a big target out of the house. Janelle absolute is the Big Brother queen, but I have to make sure she goes home this week because it’s time for a new coronation,” Dani divulges to DR.

In conclusion, we find out some things in segment. First, Dani and Tyler continue to work together. Second, Janelle is really worried about being evicted. Finally, Dani is gunning for Janelle to become the new Big Brother queen. This episode should tie up some loose ends.

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