“Episode 45” is about death. That being said, if Mary dies, she wants Tom to remarry. She doesn’t want him to be alone. She wants him to be happy. As well, she wants a mother for Heather. This episode will make you wonder about the meaning of death.

First and foremost, this is a dark episode, which has death as the subject matter.

“Death is such a final thing, Tom. Do you ever think about that?” Mary asks Tom.

On top of that, Mary asks Tom a profound question.

“Do you ever really think about death,” Mary slowly says to Tom.

Mary is really depressed. She tells Tom: “I don’t know, maybe that started it. I just started to think about a whole lot of things.” Coach Fedder’s death made Mary think about death.

In fact, Mary hopes that she dies first.

“Tom, I want to die first. I know I sound selfish, but I just think you can handle things better here than I could,” says a sobbing Mary.

Because their family would suffer, Mary wants to die before Tom. “No I mean it. You could get over it sooner than I could. I mean, you’d be much busier. You’d pay all the bills. You have your job,” Mary says, “and you could help raise Heather.”

Not only that, Mary would get fat if she lived longer than Tom.

“I mean, I just sit around the house and turn to fat,” Mary smirks, “because I didn’t have your laundry to do all day.”

However, Mary wants Tom to marry if she dies. Mary confesses to Tom, saying, “And you’d have to get married again.” Mary doesn’t want Tom to be alone.

Mary Hartman picks Eleanor Roosevelt as a perfect marriage mate for Tom.

“Let me see. We just have to think of someone who would be a good wife for you and a good mother for Heather. If it was someone like Eleanor Roosevelt,” Mary reveals to Tom.

Tom has a hard time to believe Mary about remarriage. Tom replies, saying, “No, I am really serious. I don’t want you to be alone. I just want someone to love you.” Mary just wants Tom to be loved by someone, because it’s lonely to be alone.

At this point, in the broadcast, Mary has questions about death. Directly, she asks Tom, whispering, “Tom, do you believe in life after death?” Mary wants to know the answer to the bigger question about life.

Mary wonders if there is anything after death. She asks Tom: “I mean, if we died like tomorrow, we’d end up somewhere together?” That’s up to God, Mary.

That being said, Tom believes we live on in our kids.

“There is a kind of eternity. Heather. Whatever happens to us, we’ll be together in her. And someday her kids and their kids,” Tom says about any kind of life after death.

Mary finds it beautiful what Tom said.

“That’s so beautiful. I just hope she dies before she has kids,” Mary smiles.

Overall, I liked this episode, because it dealt with a serious question: death. Mary wanted an answer to what happens after death, because Coach Fedder’s death made her wonder about such a question. She should of looked up Ecclesiastes 9:5 which says, “For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing; they have no further reward, and even their name is forgotten.” In the end, Mary never got an answer about what happens after death, but I hope she finds one.

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