Red Dawn is a 1984 movie about Russia invading America, which leads to WW3, in the near future.

According to the movie, this war happens in the future, which some can argue is right now. We see Russians accused of meddling in US elections. We see a cyberwar between the US and Russia. In fact, with a US election in a couple of months, US/Russian tensions will intensify.

Of course, it can be said this movie draws it’s basis from the bible (book of Daniel and Ezekiel), where it says Russia aka The King Of the North invades America aka The King Of the South. Apparently, according to the bible, this happens like right now, and this invasion leads to an all out final war where both of the kings are destroyed by God Almighty. So don’t be surprised if Russia forces come marching right on US soil soon. Anyways, that makes Red Dawn kind of a true story, but a story yet to happen.

Speaking about truth, here’s a fact: it only takes a small rag tag group of armed people to take over a city. Just look at Afghanistan, Fallujah, Vietnam, or wherever. Small rag tag groups have been know to hold off armies for years, and everyone knows that.

Briefly, Check out the movie. Russia invading the US, at least in elections, is happening right now. It’s chilling to watch and realize that this is really happening now.

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