Here’s my highlights of “Episode 6” of Big Brother 22. First and foremost, Tyler takes a stand for David. Along with that, Dani exposes Memphis. Not only that, Janelle or Kaysar must be back-doored soon, or it will be too late. Finally, some of Memphis’ moves make sense. These are just some defining scenes from “Episode 6”.

Make no mistake, Big Brother is cautious in this season, so All-Stars get their own water bottles. Kevin says,”I can’t find my water bottle.” This is because of Covid-19, no really.

On other hand, Julie Chan seems to be emotionally abusing All-Stars. According to Dani, Julie Chan is responsible: “I am tired today. I was kind of like emotionally drained. Freaking Julie.”

Meanwhile, Christmas make it known that she loves game strategy. Christmas reveals, “Strategy. I love the brain of this game.” No, really?

Elsewhere, Tyler stands up for David in this episode.

“I think he’s very, very smart,” Tyler says about David.

Meantime, Janelle turns on the old school charm in hopes of staying in the game.

“I am feeling good with Memphis, cause we’re definitely old school BB players,” Janelle tells us.

That being said, Dani doesn’t respect Memphis’ game. “That nomination speech was so extra. Just because I am in the same alliance as Memphis, doesn’t mean I agree the way he’s acting as a human being. He has a huge head. He has a huge head,” Dani adds. “Honestly he’s really belittling a lot of people in this house. And I don’t respect that game.”

When it comes to the game, Tyler likes David.

“If I get picked to play in this veto, I am going to fight to keep him safe,” Tyler says about David.

Later, in this episode, we learn Janelle is a hypocrite. Janelle tells us, “If she leaves, it’s bad for my game.” Later, Janelle voted against Nicole A at eviction.

Julie Chan sees how Janelle is playing the game, though.

“Janelle truly had Nicole’s back this week, but is she planning to save her tonight.” I guess not, Julie.

During this segment, Tyler comes up with a good game plan. “Hearing that Janelle and Kaysar have our aliance’s name in their mouth is pretty alarming to say the least,” Tyler tells us. “So if I get picked to play in this veto, I can take David down and execute some sort of backdoor plan.” Yes, Tyler, take out the floater, Kaysar, or better yet, Janelle.

However, Dani’s plan is to expose Memphis. She tells DR: “Memphis is so soft. He’s out here calling other people the rookie, but Memphis is making the rookie moves this year.” Heavy, Dani.

Incidentally, I thought Ian had some good words. Ian tells us, “What am I doing with my life.” I’ve thought this too, and maybe said it out loud.

When it comes to putting all your cards on the table, Tyler is still waiting on Memphis. “Force Memphis to show his cards. Hey Memphis, where you at? Show us where you really stand man.” Don’t wait too long, Tyler, because Memphis may like a rigged game.

However, Tyler knows there’s something wrong with Memphis. “Winning this veto is kind of crucial right now, because the HOH is being sketchy, David is on the block, and I need to win this thing,” concedes Tyler.

Despite this knowledge, Tyler lost to Memphis in the POV. “My strategy on this thing is just go to a different place, because this competition is all about focus and determination, and those are two things I have in my back pocket, so I pulling them both out.” That being said, Tyler is friends with Memphis and David, so no biggie.

Toward the end of this airing, Tyler knows what should be done: Break up the old school players before it’s too late. “If I win, he’s coming off the block. And then hopefully Janelle or Kaysar will end up on the block,” Tyler smiles.

All it takes is a second to lose in Big Brother. David knows: “Why did I lose focus? I can’t believe I looked away for a half a second.” I believe him, because I saw him lose his focus when he yelled.

Memphis’ gameplay does make sense, though, at times. “I am getting a lot of pressure from my alliance to backdoor Kaysar or Janelle, and I am not sure if that’s the right move for my game,” Memphis stresses, “but if I am not in agreeance with them, it might look like I am not loyal to the alliance, and they may be questioning my motives. So it’s going to be a big decision for me.”

Overall, I liked the gameplay in this segment. I loved the way Tyler stood up for David. I liked Dani too, when she exposed Memphis’ to all of us. As well, it’s imperative that Janelle or Jaysar are back-doored soon. And who knew, Memphis was thinking good game play. I liked these points on this airing.

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