This airing is depressing to say the least. We start with a depressed Charlie, because he lost his house. Later, we see a depressed Coach Fedders mixing drugs and whiskey. Finally, Mary’s chicken soup kills. This broadcast is a Debbie Downer.

To being, Charlie wants to get Loretta a motorized wheelchair; that is, one like Ironside, but he can’t afford it.

“Honey, I just hate to see you in a wheelchair. Especially when I couldn’t even get you a motorized one like Ironsides’ has,” Charlie says to a content Loretta.

On top of that, Charlie is miserable. He confesses to Loretta, saying, “Just that everything seems to be so low down bad lately.” Charlie has been feeling down as of late.

Not only that, Loretta has noticed, too.

“Sometimes, it seems like we’re a needle stuck in the battle of groove of the record of life. You see, God is gonna come along and nudge us back on the right track any day now,” Loretta says.

Because Charlie had to sell the house for Loretta’s hospital fees, he feels terrible about the future.

“I feel terrible about signing away the house. Now we have to leave,” Charlie sighs.

However, Loretta doesn’t blame Charlie because the loan company wasn’t even certified.

“Honey, how was you to know that loan company wasn’t certified,” Loretta says to Charlie to comfort him.

Meanwhile, Coach Fedders is dying from the flu. “Blanche, will you stop fussing around. Well, leave me alone. Just let me suffer in peace,” Coach Fedders aka Leroy says to his wife, Blanche, who is fluffing up his pillows.

Not only that, Leroy is very depressed about the fact that his basketball team is doing horrible in the district.

“I haven’t slept for a week. I just been laying awake thinking about my basketball team. Blanche, do you know where we are in the district? I will tell you where we are in the district. We’re in the cellar. That’s where we are,” says a sad Coach Fedders. “Worrying has lowered my resistance.”

Elsewhere, May is planning on moving to another city to start a whole new life.

“I think the dose of reality I’ve had and the past couple of weeks, I think it’s time to put my life in order. No more feeling sorry for myself,” confesses a sad May to Tom.” I think I will find a job in Toledo or Cleveland. Meet new people and start a whole new life in a couple of days.”

In fact, May wants to leave town right now. She says to Tom in the lunchroom at work: “I don’t know. There is nothing keeping me here. The sooner I get started the sooner I can have a whole new life.” May is tired of life in Fernwood, Ohio.

During this broadcast, Mary Hartman visits the Fedders. On arrival, she tells Leroy: “Seconol and liquor are very bad together. You should never have that together.” Mary is concerned about Leroy.

It’s this famous episode where Mary Hartman kills Leroy with a bowl of chicken soup. Mary tells us all: “Leroy has drowned in bowl of my chicken soup.” Mary tells Blanche after finding Leroy dead at the table.

In conclusion, this was a sad episode. Charlie was down and out. Also, Coach Fedders died in a bowl of soup. Now, Mary blames herself for killing Leroy. Yep, this was a depressing episode.

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