In this airing, the live feeds pick up some interesting things in the house. To start, Dani talks game and Big Brother practices. Next, Kevin is scared of Memphis. Also, Tyler is up to his old tricks. Finally, Enzo catches Ian and Nicole F talking game. These are just some of the week’s activities I picked up on live feeds.

Lets begin with Dani and Cody talking game in the middle of laundry; however, Dani looks like she’s not feeling it. Dani stares at the washer, saying, “I never seen washers and dryers go for that long. That’s so strange.” It’s late, so I wouldn’t be feeling it; nevertheless, nobody is up, so why not talk game.

Next, we learn that Big Brother production scares Dani.

“They scare me so bad. It’s so loud,” Dani says about production announcements.

Elsewhere, Kevin is scared of Memphis.

“I just don’t want to be in the room when he starts yelling,” Kevin informs us about Memphis.

Not only that, Cody, too, wants to avoid Memphis. Cody confesses to Kevin, saying, “He’s screaming. I will stay out of his way.” Some All-Stars are scared of Memphis in the house. Memphis might be marginalizing himself in this game.

Meanwhile, house talk centers on Covid-19 testing, which seems to painful when it comes to nose testing.

“It’s so extra,” Enzo says about Covid-19 testing on Big Brother.

Later, in the broadcast, we learn Janelle and Kaysar talk game, when they are alone.

“The best game move for myself and Kaysar is really to lay low. Really keep a low profile,” Janelle says to Kaysar while everyone is gone.

Aside, Memphis has jokes.

“He’s probably going to catch the camera in the eyes, and they are going to say, ‘change it, change it,'” Memphis laughs in regards to Enzo.

It looks like Tyler’s game hasn’t changed since his season. Tyler reveals on live feeds: “When people come up to you with a deal, you don’t say no…. Two for one deals. We got half deals.” Tyler made deals with everyone in his season, too.

Oddly, Ian owned up to his autism on live feeds.

“People complained about that on the live feeds,” Ian says about his rocking on a hammock, which is apparently a sign of autistic to some people.

Apparently, there is a Big Brother community. Ian states: “We’ve known each other five years through the Big Brother community.” There should be a Big Brother community with some many sites on Big Brother.

Enzo is looking to make a big move. Enzo tells us in the Diary room: “Walking by the bathroom late at night I peep Nicole F and Ian talking some game. I know they were talking some game, cause they saw me and popped right out. I see that. It ain’t my first time in the Big Brother house. I know what’s going on.” However, it’s to early in the game for Enzo to make a move.

Possibly, down the road, Ian could get backed doored, according to one All-Star. Cody spells a possible future backdoor for Ian: “It might not be a bad time for Enzo to use that power of veto and put Ian up on the block.”

However, as it turns out, Enzo doesn’t feel right about a big move.

“I wanted to pull a big move this week you know, maybe a back door, but it’s just maybe not the right time. it’s too early. but it’s only week one and the meow meow still has a lot of game to play,” Enzo informs us.

In this episode, Dani gives us some insight into Big Brother practices.

“They used to play that bb music all day. Especially on live days. It was so stressful, ” Dani says. “There is too many new rules. Somebody ruined it for everyone… They have the same DR people as last year.”

It should be said, Big Brother doesn’t make sense when it comes to Covid-19 testing. First, I am sure production is coming in and out, so how are the All-Stars going to stay virus free. I doesn’t matter how much you test the players if production is bringing in germs.

In conclusion, here’s some concluding bits on Big Brother. To start, Tyler is back to his old tricks when it comes to Big Brother. Also, Dani looks like she’s into the game, deep. Plus, Janelle and Kaysar are laying low, because they don’t want to draw attention to themselves, since they are big targets. I enjoyed this week of Big Brother.

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