“Episode 2” was weird. Where to begin? On the live feeds, the All-Stars felt weird in the house and made it known. As well, the players talked about Covid-19, which was interesting. That being said, on a game level, Cody, the first HOH of the season, was disappointed when he made his nominations. Anyways, this season is turning into a strange one on CBS Big Brother.

To start, Janelle drop some behind the scenes information about production. Janelle told us on the live feeds: “They ignored us… Can we have the lights off?” Janelle also told Kaysar and Nicole about being ignored by production.

First and foremost, Covid-19 came up in the house.

“No masks, ” says Nicole about no masks in the house.

Meanwhile, Jenelle is worried about her looks.

“Greasy as Crisco… I was gleaming,” Janelle says after applying a beauty mask.

Nevertheless, Janelle continues to talk about production. Janelle reveals, “They probably have a CBS maintenance man.” I wonder if Janelle signed a CBS Big Brother NDA.

Apparently, I am not the only one to think that this season is weird. Nicole states on the live feeds: “It’s like the weirdest week ever. It doesn’t feel like Big Brother at all.”

Janelle really doesn’t like production, though. She said on the live feed when going to bed: “So loud. They wonder why we can’t sleep.”

During this episode, we learn of a new twist: The Safety Suite. Apparently, the Safety Suite is room where All-Stars play games to save themselves.

I thought Kaysar had a funny but true remark when he entered the house.

“So how much time passes before some people start fighting,” Kaysar said as he smiled at All-Star players.

As well, Tyler laying low.

“It’s so quiet,” Tyler tells Cody before going to shower.

Kaysar had another good line in this episode. He said, “You’re damned if you do. You’re damned if you don’t. What are you supposed to do?” I agree, Kaysar.

Nonetheless, Keesha had a good answer. She said, “Welcome to Big Brother.” That’s a good answer.

Afterward, Dani reveals some of her gameplay. She tells Tyler and Nicole, saying, “I want to chill. Lay low.”

Toward the end of this broadcast, Kaysar figures it out that Cody is gunning for him.

“Kaysar. Party of one. Can I just live here?” Kaysar says after entering the Safety Suite to try to save himself.

Good call, Kaysar, because Cody would of put you up. Anyways, Kaysar saves himself in the Don’t Miss a Beat comp in the Safety Suite. Kaysar saves Janelle too, so I guess Cody is out of luck.

Finally, Cody nominates Kevin and Keesha. To bad Cody failed at nominating Kaysar and Janelle, because the veterans saved themselves. My bet is they keep Keesha, but Kevin somehow gets saved.

In brief, this episode was strange. The All-Stars could feel it, so we could feel it on live feeds. Also, the veterans, Kaysar and Jenelle, survived week one. Nothing seems to be going to plan, so Big Brother should be interesting on live feed.

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