“Episode 40, ” of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, really makes you think about the nerve of people. First, Mary Hartman catches Tom and May in their bed. Next, Martha gives May a piece of her mind and wonders if she’s after George too. Finally, May attempts suicide a second time in the Hartman house. Some people are just crazy.

In the morning, May feels regrets about her attempted suicide. She sadly explains to Tom: “Oh Tom, I am so embarrassed. How could I of done such a stupid thing? I could just kill myself.” May feels bad for trying to kill herself.

When May gives him a chance to talk, Tom agrees. “Well, it’s not like you didn’t try,” Tom sighs.

However, May feels her attempted suicide was a joke.

“Oh, I am sorry. I meant that as a joke. But I guess under the circumstances,” May smiles and laughs.

While explaining her behavior to Tom, May compared her attempt suicide to her second divorce.

“Yeah, I am upset. Since my second divorce. Tom, these last couple of weeks- they really been a little scary,” May pleads to Tom.

After attempting suicide the previous night, May wants to go to a movie. May smiles and informs Tom: “In fact, I am feeling so good that I am going to call Florence B. Decker and ask her if she wants to go see a movie.” May is acting strange to say the least.

In fact, she doesn’t want to see a happy movie, but she want to see Mary Poppins. May says, “Well, it doesn’t have to be a happy movie. Something like Mary Poppins.” That’s a good choice for a movie.

At this time of her emotional turmoil, Tom takes the time to make May feel bad.

“She said that she didn’t think you were young enough to be a school friend of her mothers,” Tom smiles.

Now, May just wants to kill herself. May moans, saying, “Oh gee, when I get home, I am going to kill myself.” Way to go, Tom.

That being said, May plans to kill herself when nobody is paying attention. “I am just going to do it. I am not going to talk about it,” May discloses.

At that exact moment, Mary catches Tom hugging May when she unexpectedly enters the room. In a sarcastic tone, Mary says, “Oh, I know that. If you can’t trust your own husband with his ex-mistress in your own bed, I mean who can you trust huh?” Mary gets a little upset.

Dispite this fact, Mary offers advice to May. Mary says to May:

Let me tell you something. I read a magazine. I was reading one in the dentist’s office and it was about suicide. And it said once a suicide, I mean an attempted suicide, an attempted suicide has passed the crisis then everything is fine. Because you see May, all it is is a call for help. You called and we’re here. So you see, everything is fine. Everything is fine.

Afterward, when Mary and Tom are alone, Mary has a question for Tom about May.

“What were you dreaming? Were you dreaming about May?” Mary wants to know.

At breakfast, Tom gets a phone call from Charlie in regards to Loretta’s malpractice lawsuit. Charlie said:

Hi Tom, it’s Charlie. Hey look, I won’t keep you long. But I just heard from that young doctor. You know, the guy the hospital fired on account of Loretta’s malpractice case. And he wants to get together with me about lawyers and like that. Well, I don’t know anything about that kind of stuff and since I been messing up so much I was wondering would you check it out with me?

It’s at this point, Charlie asks Tom if Loretta and him can move-in. “I don’t mean to press, but did you talk to Mary about Loretta and me bunking in with you guys?” Charlie needs a place to stay since his home is in foreclosure.

Later, Martha gets a chance to speaks her mind to May when she goes upstairs and finds May in Mary’s and Tom’s bed. “Do you do it often? Move in on married men,” Martha says to May after finding her in the Hartman’s bed.

Granted, Martha is worried that May wants George too. “You’re not attracted to George are you?” Martha asks May.

In regards to adultery, Martha wonders if May even has a conscience. Martha sheepishly says to May:

Do you feel guilty? Is that why you came here to tell her how guilty you felt? You don’t feel guilty huh. I think in a similar situation, I would of felt guilty, but then maybe after so much practice.

However, May starts to have a breakdown when Martha further questions her. May snaps: “By giving me the third degree. And talking about how I gave Tom a disease. And how everybody at the plant is laughing at me behind my back.”

Now, May feels terrible and just wants to kill herself again. “Oh you might just as well of. I mean, everybody knows. You got any cigarettes? What’s a matter with you guys… Me upset? I just want to jump.” Good going, Martha.

In conclusion, this episode was emotional. Mary finds Toms in bed with May, in their bed too, and keeps her cool. Also, May is lost it, but she didn’t throw herself out the window. Finally, Martha served May when she gave her a piece of her mind. This episode was a little crazy.

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