“Episode 37” sees a variety of hilarious story lines. First, one story line deals with weed. As well, My Little Margie is a topic of discussion in this broadcast. Another story line focuses on Mary and Tom getting stoned. Finally, Dorelda Doremus, the evangelical faith healer aka false christian, fails to heal Loretta, as we see in this segment. These story lines will have you laughing in regards to getting stoned and false christians.

It’s this episode where Mary attempts to learn slang. She asks Heather: “Hang out? What does that mean? Hanging out?”

Also, in this airing, the issues of privacy came up. Mary tells Heather, saying, “I guess a child has a right to privacy… I do respect your privacy Heather.” It was the 70s where the right to privacy was developed, and it only extended to birth control for married couples.

However, Heather is only interested in watching television. She responds to her mother: “I am going to go watch TV now.”

Now, Mary takes the time to talk about her home.

“Everything is fine here, Heather. Once again, we have a happy home,” Mary says to herself while smiling into an empty room.

“Episode 37” sees the introduction of drugs. “A joint. Grass. Marijuana,” Heather says to her mother when busted with a cigerette of marijuana.

It seems all Heather’s friends ared doing drugs.

“Bernice gave this to you? She gave this dreadful narcotic to a child?” Mary ask Heather on where she got the joint.

Furthermore, one of her friends is 11-years-old. “Bernice is 11,” Heather reveals to a surprised Mary.

Nevertheless, all Heather cares about is watching My Little Margie on TV. “Look, I am missing My Little Margie,” cries Heather.

All Mary can say is My Little Margie doesn’t smoke weed. She tells Heather: “My Little Margie does not smoke joints.”

Afterward, Mary tells Tom about Heather.

“What the hell are the kids in this country coming to? Do you know what that stuff does to you? It makes you into an addict. Then you start using the real hard stuff. Those cigarettes can mess up your mind,” Tom wonders in amazement.

Not only that, Tom won’t have drugs in home. “A thing like this does not belong in a respectable home,” Tom protests.

In fact, Tom has never tried weed, which he tells Mary.

“I am probably one of the few grown men in this whole town who has never had so much as a puff of one of these things,” Tom tells a concerned looking Mary.

After a brief moment, Mary interjects and ask Tom a question. Mary says: “You mean, you want to try it?”

Mary puts the question in another way to Tom about trying weed. She states: “You mean you want to try it for scientific purposes.”

As the episode continues, Loretta wants Mary to have a religous experience.

“It’s really important that Mary have a religous experience. I mean, she’s a real nice lady and everything, but Charlie, if she doesn’t have a religious experience, she ain’t going to know how to act when she gets to heaven,” Loretta worries.

As a result, Loretta, Charlie, Mary, and Tom attend a religious meeting in a TV studio. An announcer states: “Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We’ll be on the air in just a few minutes. Then this television studio will become a temple of the Lord. Hallelejah. The Lord will speak to you through the lips of Dorelda Doremus. For a half an hour, it will be just like the Lord is sitting down having a cup of coffee with you in your own kitchen. Hallelujah.”

At the meeting, Mary jokes around about religion.”I wonder what kind of coffee the Lord uses,” Mary jokes.

While Mary is joking, the announcer tells the audience that Dorelda Doremus will appear soon.

“Now, of course, that’s only going to be a half an hour. So you all be sure to come out to the fair grounds next week where we’re having a big revivial meeting and Derelda Doremus will speak up a storm through the Lord all afternoon. Hallelujah.”

The announce informs the audience of the cost of attending the religous meeting.

“Now, this is only going to cost $5 for a ticket. However, the spirit has moved Dorelda Doremus and she is offering a special of $4.50 for a couple. And for children under 16 only $2. Praise the Lord. Praise Dorelda Doremus. May the spirit move you. You all be sure to come. Bring your friends. Dorelda Doremus will with you in just a minute. And I thank you all for your devout attention.”

After Dorelda Doremus cured a lady in the audience, Tom wheels out Loretta. Tom tells Dorelda: “Here Dorelda. Here. Here’s another one for you.”

However, Dorelda has not time to heal Loretta. “Not right now,”

Despite this, Tom won’t take no for an answer.

“Come on, you can swing it. It’s alright, brother. She’s a true believer, a true believer. Just lay a few hands on her! Hallelujah!” Tom says.

That being said, Dorelda can’t say no to Tom. “Well, I shall try,” Derelda says.

Tom encourages Dorelda to heal Loretta. “Try? What do you mean? You can swing it. Hallelujah!” Tom screams.

In fact, Dorelda lacks faith to heal Loretta. “Of course, you realize the spirit of the Lord may still not be upon me,” Derelda cautions.

However, Tom won’t take no from Dorelda. “Come on Derelda! You’re looking great!” Tom announces.

With that, Dorelda critizes her staff, and she fires the announcer. She says the staff: “I thought you said you screened this crowd?” The announcer says, “I did.” Dorelda replies, “Not well enough. You’re fired.”

At this point, Dorelda tries to heal Loretta. She says to Loretta: “Do you believe?” Loretta tells her: “Oh Lord, you wouldn’t believe how I believe.” Derelda asks a second time: “Do you have faith?” Loretta repeats: “Faith!? I got faith up to my chin.” Finally, Derelda says: “Heal! Rise up and be healed! Go forth and stand forever erect.” It turns out that Loretta wasn’t healed by Dorelda Doremus.

Altogether, “Episode 37” was a ball. Can you believe it that Mary and Tom never got stoned? As well, Dorelda Doremus, the false christian, made me laugh because people like this exist today. This airing was funny.

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