“Episode 36” is a review of all Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman episodes to date. To begin, a Fernwood garbage man goes over some of the most memorable episodes to date. As well, a lot of the review focuses on Mary Hartman. Finally, Derelda Doremus ain’t finished as the garbage shows us. These are some unforgettable scenes from Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman through the years.

This episode starts with a local Fernwood, Ohio, garbage man who is named Luther Moon.

Hi! I’m Luther Moon, Mable and Elmer’s boy. Maybe you can tell from this outfit I am wearing that I one of the local trash men here in Fernwood, Ohio. At the moment, I am picking up the trash at Mary Hartman’s. Well, people usually look down on trashmen, so that’s why you may never see me on that TV show they’re making about Mary Hartman. That’s the one they call Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman. By the way, how do you like that for a name.

In review, the garbage man goes over a past scene of Cathy and Steve. A clip plays of Cathy saying, “Steve doesn’t talk at all. He’s dumb.” Cathy got a new boyfriend who is dumb in one of the episodes.

From a today’s politically correct standpoint, this episode’s writing would be considered racist. For example, Martha says a racist thing in this dialog: “Well, he couldn’t be any dumber than that Armenian bartender you went out with. He couldn’t find his hands in his pockets. How come you go with such dumbbells?”

As the broadcast progresses, Luther goes on to review a scene of George Shumway. In one politically incorrect statement, George talks about Steve, saying, “He doesn’t even have a job. You’ll be dependent on him for the rest of your life.”

In another scene, Luther reviews Mary who is screaming in a past scene.

“Is that good?” screams Mary to Steve about a Duncan Hines cake.

Another scene of Luther’s focuses on George’s health.

“Remember me, I am the guy with the bad heart,” George says to Cathy and Mary who are discussing Steve.

Additionally, George questions Cathy taste in this episode.

“Rich from writing poetry? Cathy, poetry is junk,” George tells us.

Meanwhile, like a creep, Luther reveals to us that he goes through Mary Hartman’s garbage on the regular. Luther tells the audience: “Oh. Oh, I am at Mary Hartmans. I am poking around in the trash.”

Later, Luther goes through more garbage of Fernwood, Ohio residents. “BTW, I hope you people won’t feel ill of me for poking around in other people’s trash.”

It’s at this point that Luther discusses his interesting job. For example, he talks about making it interestings, saying, “I mean what ever line of work you’re in, I am sure you find ways of making your work interesting.” Also, too, he gives examples of other people making their job interesting: “Like if you’re in the service business, you aggrevate people just for the kick of watching their blood boil.” Another way, according to Luther, to make a job interesting is to rip people off: “If you’re a professional man, you do your best to overcharge.” Finally, Luther admits this is how he has fun on the job: “The only way a trash man can have fun is just to poke around alittle.” Overall, Luther has some pretty strange ways of making his job interesting to say the least.

This review episode even mentions Loretta’s miscarriages. “He says on account of all your miscarriages and all, you got to get a lot of rest and take it easy,” Charlie reveals to us when he talks to Loretta.

Also, in one review scene, Charlie hears a beat in a song which isn’t there because they are the road and Loretta is just singing. “I love it, I love it, it’s got a great beat,” Charlie tells Loretta when she’s singing a song in the car on the way to Nashville.’ Charlie must be losing his mind or he’s really exhausted.

Also, this broadcast review goes over Dorelda Doremus, the phony TV evangelical faith healer. First, Mary and Tom might go see this faith healer: “Are we going to go see Dorelda Doremus’s TV show with Loretta and Charlie.” Also, we learn that Mary and Tom see Derelda Doremus for what she is: “Dorelda Doremus is a fake. You read it yourself in that magazine. All those hallelujahs and all those laying on the hands and all those miraculous cures. It’s as phony as her name.” With that, Mary supports Loretta and goes to the Derelda Doremus show: “Yeah, I know. I feel the same way too. But Loretta has faith in her. You know what they say, faith can move mountains.” Finally, Mary and Tom agree Derelda Doremus can’t heal Loretta: “Mary, Derelda Dureemus will not move Loretta out of the wheelchair.” After going over these past scenes of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, we get an idea of what Mary and Tom really think of Derelda Doremus.

Briefly, this episode was a series review. It look at all previous episodes. As well, it look at all memorable scenes up. It showed us all the good scenes so far of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman

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