“Episode 33” of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, is a serious broadcast with funny stuff. First, George and Martha don’t want Cathy marrying a handicap man. Second, the union threatens George’s life when a rock is thrown through the kitchen window. Third, Mary bakes a Duncan Hines cake. Forth, Dr. Hastings laughs at faith healers. Finally, Mary finds a Geritol commercial beautiful. This segment might have you wondering if you should think or laugh.

First and foremost, George starts his day off with a coffee and cigerette. George yells in the kitchen in the morning, saying, “Is the coffee ready? What is the one thing I have to have every morning? I hate it till I had a cigarette and a cup of coffee.”

With that, Martha asks Cathy if stayed out all night with her boyfriend.

“I hope you and that poor handicap boyfriend didn’t stay out all night,” Martha asks Cathy.

That being said, Geoge doesn’t want Cathy to marry a handicap man. George yells: “There is not going to be a marriage. No, not to a deaf mute.” It should be said that handicapped people were out of luck in the 70s

It’s at this point that the union throws a rock through George’s kitchen window.

“Don’t run or next time this will explode,” reads the message on the rock.

Elsewhere, Mary bakes a cake. “But Cathy. This is Duncan Hines extra moist cake,” explains Mary.

While eating Duncan Hines cake, Cathy tells Mary about daddy.

“Daddy said, ‘I cannot marry a deaf mute who rakes leafs and writes poetry,” mocks Cathy.

Meanwhile, at the Fernwood Hospital, Loretta tells Dr. Hastings that she’s a Christian. “I am a baptized Christian,” Loretta explains to Dr. Hastings.

Moreover, Loretta talks about her strong faith as a Christian.

“I got something nothing can buy. Faith and trust in the Lord, and with his help, there is nothing in this world impossible,” Loretta reveals.

However, Dr. Hastings mocks Loretta.

“Mrs. Haggars, I am very happy that your religion comforts and sustains you at this time, but I am not sure you are facing the facts realistically perhaps as you should,” points out Dr. Hastings.

At this point in the episode, Charlie points out to Dr. Hastings that Derelda Dureevus, the greatest preacher and evangelical healer on this side of the Rockies, is coming to Fernwood. “Derelda Dureevus is coming to town,” Charlie proclaims.

In light of this fact, Dr. Hastings mocks Loretta. “Oh, you mean one of those phoney religous quacks,” Dr. Hastings smiles.

Despiste this, Loretta doesn’t care. Loretta screams, saying, “Derelda Dureemus, I can’t believe it. She’s going to be here on Friday. I will be walking by the weekend.”

Lastly, Mary thinks a Geritol commercial is beautiful.

“Oh Tom. That’s so beautiful. It’s just like a geritol commercial,” Mary smiles and says.

Overall, I laughed, mostly, at this episode. Mary’s line about Geritol was too funny because it sounded so sincere. As well, the parts about the union and the handicap were thinking pieces. That being said, I enjoyed this airing.

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