Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman’s “Episode 30” is an interesting broadcast. When this airing starts, Mary is cleaning Loretta’s house while she’s in the hospital. On top of that, Mary watches Tom Snyder to pass the boredom. Furthermore, George goes to a massage parlor aka sex shop in a rage; however, he gets busted by the police. Finally, Charlie learns Dr. Hastings crippled Loretta. These story lines stand out in this segment.

Gosh, where to start, Mary is really nice because she’s cleaning Loretta’s house while she’s in the hospital. Mary smiles at Cathy, saying, “I wasn’t visiting. I was cleaning.”

Also, Mary watches Tom Snyder on television when bored.

“Not even on Tom Snyder where they bring out all these sick people,” Mary explains to an anxious Cathy.

Meanwhile, George Shumway, in a state of rage, grabs a baseball bat and heads to the massage parlor. Cathy relates, “Now daddy’s over there with a baseball bat. He went out to kill the owner of the massage parlor.” George is going to straighten out the massage parlor for taking advantage of Cathy.

That being said, too, Martha has concerns about Cathy in regards to working in a massage parler. Martha states: “When you go to work in a massage parlor, don’t you think you can expect something unusual.”

Elsewhere, Mary will not go see the marriage counsellor because she’s isn’t wearing make-up.

“Now there I am standing there with a dust rag in my hand and no make up,” Mary points out to Cathy, “and then he has the nerve to ask me to go with him to see the psyclogical counsellor at the plant to save our marriage. I mean with no make-up.”

Honestly, Mary doesn’t want to see the marriage counsellor because she doesn’t want to talk her marriage. “I mean, I am not responsible for Tom’s mistakes,” Mary pleads, ‘and I am not going to embaress myself by going through the ordeal of discussing a failed marriage with some man who is obviously going to take the man’s point of view.”

Since being at the Fernwood hospital throughout Loretta’s long ordeal, Charlie Haggers learns doctor Hastings paralyzed Loretta in a unnecessary operation. “He bungled your wife’s operation. It’s a cut and dry case of professional negilgence,” Doctor Abrahamson discloses to a shocked Charlie. “I mean, Mrs. Haggars never needed surgery in the first place. A careful view of the xrays show that. So doctor Hastings went in and looked for something that wasn’t there and caused the damage responsible for your wife being paralyzed. At least that is my feeling, Mr. Haggars.”

This episode reveals Martha married a violent man.

“Oh, he has such a violent temper. He could hurt himself or somebody. I will never forget the way he grabbed that baseball bat,” Martha states. “I am just afraid he will kill somebody. Oh, that awful look on his face.”

On the other hand, Roberta has found the man of her dreams. “Raymond has given me a whole new slant on life,” Roberta joyfully tells us.

Afterword, in this broadcast, Roberta fears man when selling beauty products door to door. Roberta explains her situation: “So I just went right out and got the first job I saw an ad for. Selling Feminisa Beauty products door to door. If I can just learn to ring without fear and not smear my lipstick.”

Meantime, George Shumway becomes a vigilantee and heads to the massage parlor aka sex shop. “Daddy is going to go down there and murder Sal Baglataglia. And bash his head in,” Cathy worries.

In a rage, George storms right into the massage parlor.

“A regular what? Now you listen to me buddy. We might look like regulars, but some of us happen to be fathers. Fathers of innocent girls looking for a honest day’s work. Now listen you tootsie roll. I’ll bust up this place,” George yells at some regular in the massage parlor.

At this point, Sal Baglataglia, the massage parlor owner, screams civil rights violations to the police. “Sal Baglataglia. Honest entrepreur whose civil rights are being violated,” Sal tells us.

Nonetheless, George doesn’t care about civil rights.

“Oh yeah, well you’re the creep who has been victimizing all these inocent girls right?” George yells.

Now, George is doing the policeman’s job. “I am doing what you guys are supposed to do,” George tells Detective Johnson.

Despite this dilemma, the police are doing their best.

“We’re cracking down on these places. We’re arresting the owners and the girls and the customers,” Detective Johnson tells an irate George Shumway.

Altogether, “Episode 30” was fun. We learn Mary doesn’t want to see the marriage counsellor because she’s not wearing make-up. Further, Charlie found out about Dr. Hastings’ malpractice. As well, George got busted because he took the law into his own hands. It was a good laugh to watch this one.

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