“Episode 27” has a little of everything. First, we learn about unions, sex, and conventions. Next, we hear about Mary’s and Tom’s latest fight. Later, Charlie confesses to a suicide attempt in the past. Further, Mary ditches the flowers for a Mars bar to give to Loretta in the hospital. Finally, Charlie brings up the Lord in his time of distress . This broadcast is a mixed bag.

To begin, Mary and Tom broke up. “Tom is moved out, and he is going to live with Charlie,” Mary explains to us, which we learned last episode.

Not only that, Tom gave Mary VD.

“I was with May after Frank Garth was with May. Well, that means that May gave me the venereal disease. Last night, when I was with you, I gave it to you,” Tom informs a concerned Mary who was subjected to Tom’s latest infidelities.

Meanwhile, fighting couples are normal according to Martha. “I don’t mind the fighting like cats and dogs. After all, that’s normal for married people.” Martha tells to Mary who has been fighting constantly with Tom since his affair.

In fact, separation is strange according to Martha. Martha tells Mary, saying, “It’s this not living together that’s abnormal.”

Furthermore Mary’s problems are Martha’s problems too. Mary yells: “It is too my problem. How can I explain this to the neighbors.”

In this episode, we learn union employees can be celebrities in the 70s. “There is going to be a celebrity around here. Daddy is going to be a union officer,” Cathy exclaims.

Moreover, criminals could get elected in the 70s. “If Nixon can get elected, you can get elected,” Cathy points out to George.

On top of that, we learn of union wild parties in the 70s. “What about those conventions in Milwalkee,” Martha divulges. “All that talk about wild parties.”

Additionally, in “Episode 27,” we learn Charlie once attempted suicide.

“I thought the worst thing that happened was the time Loretta left me. You know, I thought that was purely the bottom I could hit,” confesses Charlie. “That was purely pain and torture. That’s why I shot myself. Oh, that was just something I dreamt.”

Elsewhere, Mary visits Loretta in the hospital. Upon arriving, Mary smiles and says, “You know, I was going to bring you some flowers but I was standing in the flower shop and I remembered that I read an article that flowers take all the oxygen out of the room and I thought to myself, Loretta has enough troubles without choking to death, so I brought you a Milky Way.” Mary brought Loretta a chocolate bar.

Afterward, Mary takes a visit to the library to pick up some reading material. Mary asks the librarian, saying, “I would like to see several books on social diseases.” Mary wants to do research on venereal diseases.

Meantime, Charlie calls on the Lord while the doctor gives him bad news on the phone.

“Loretta is going to be alright. I will tell you why,” Charlie points out to the doctor, “cause she’s got the Lord on her side. All I care about is his opinion. Now, he didn’t have to go to any medical school and dress up in a green komoana to know what Loretta deserves and what’s his will to give her. The Lord and Loretta! That’s what I put my money on every time.”

Overall, this airing was different. It’s not much television series where you see this much diversity in subject matter. It’s a break from all the television series of HBO, Netflix, Amazon Prime, or whatever streaming service. I like this series.

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