“Episode 26” deals with the fallout of infidelity. First, Mary and Tom continue to fight over May. Also, Mary is trying out new products to get Tom’s attention. Plus, May gave Tom and Mary VD. This is a wicked episode.

Right off the start, because Tom slept with May, Mary thinks he’s doing it again. Mary accuses Tom, saying, “You were with May. Something happened. That time she called you up at 2 o’clock in the morning. What did she want to see you about? What’s going on?”

Nevertheless, Mary has more questions about May.

“You got fired. She told you, you got fired,” Mary blurts out to Tom.

When it comes to his affair with May, Tom doesn’t want to talk it. Quietly, Tom states, saying “Is there any coffee? I just want some coffee. Where’s the sacrin.”

That being said, Mary notices some changes in Tom. Mary asks Tom, wondering, “Saccharine? We don’t use Saccharine, ever.”

At this point, Mary takes some time to tell Tom about her skin.

“I been using a new moisturing cream,” Mary points out to Tom.

On top of that, we learn Tom watches soap operas. Tom states: “You mean the soap opera with the girl who murders her lover because she has anenesia.”

Not only that, Mary is upset about Loretta and Charlie. Mary says to Tom: “Right. And now she’s going blind. And I am also so upset because Loretta and Charlie crashed into a station wagon full of nuns in their vega.” Mary is really anxious at this point.

Aside, it was this episode where Tom was on point when he compared Mary to a housewife on a commercial. Tom looks at Mary and says: “Mary, would you please stop sounding like a housewife on a commercial.” Tom sounds serious.

During this broadcast, Mary feels something is wrong when Tom speaks to her.

“Uh oh, I have a feeling this means trouble,” Mary tells herself.

Meantime, Charlies continues to live in a fantasy world where Loretta is this big country star.

“Six cuts of country and western. That’s our whole future. What am I going to tell Loretta?” cries Charlie.

Meanwhile, back in reality, Loretta needs an operation because she may never walk again.

“Either she has the surgery, or if the injury is left untreated, I am afraid your Loretta could be cripped for life,” says the Vincent Price sounding doctor.

In this episode, too, Mary starts to become addicted to drugs. “I need a calmadive. That’s what they call tranquilizers now,” Mary whispers to Tom.

As a consequence, Mary blames God. “Why would God let something like this happen? Loretta is never going to walk again,” sighs Mary.

As well as that, Mary believes she’s been punished by God.

“I think she has this chipped elbow… But when you hit nuns any punishment is possible,” says a serious sounding Mary.

It’s this airing where Mary drops facts about life. “Tom, we’re all misable,” Mary laments.

At this point in the episode, Tom confesses to giving Mary VD. “It was verneral disease,” Tom shyly says.

In regards to giving Mary VD, Tom doesn’t even bother to lie about it. Tom reveals: “May gave me the veneral disease… I gave it to you.” Tom is telling all kinds of truth now.

When it comes to her life, Mary is becoming more self aware as the days go by.

“I can’t believe it. Loretta is never going to walk again. Tom and May and Mary all have veneral disease. Not to mention Frank Garth who I don’t even know. And we don’t have any calmadives in the house. It’s beginning to sound like a soap opera,” Mary says in a serious tone.

Overall, this episode was more about how not to live your life. Basically, if you want a good life, don’t fool around, if you’re married. Also, stay away from easy people because they will give you VD. This was a funny wicked episode.

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