When it comes to a confusing marriage, “Episode 24” delivers. First, Mary Hartman can’t figure out her marriage. Not only that, Charlie and Loretta might be going to hell for hitting a station wagon full of nuns.  On top of that, Mary feels humiliated because Tom won’t touch her. These are just some of the funny story lines of this broadcast.

To begin “Episode 24,” Mary doesn’t know what to think of her marriage. “I never wanted this marriage from the start. I was wrong. It is wrong. You can have Heather. She’ll get over it. Nah, that’s not good. Believe me,” Mary tells us.

Not only that, Mary equates love with love making. “Don’t you love me, Tom? Why haven’t you made love to me? Why?” Mary demands to know.

Despite Mary’s love, Tom feels pressure in his marriage.

“Honey, there is a pressure in this house.” Tom laments to Mary.

Needless to say, Mary loves Tom for himself. Mary states: “I love the way you walk. I love the way you smile. I just love you.”

Elsewhere, Charlie is dreaming in this airing. Charlie relates his dreams to Loretta, saying, “We can stay in all the motels we want. After we sign that 2 million contract in Nashville.”

As well, we learn Loretta keeps her word in this segment.

“You really planning on selling that fella’s song in Nashville?” Loretta responds.

Loretta will honor her promise. “I got to. I gave him my word,” Loretta smiles and looks at Charlie.

Of course, this episode aired in the 70s, and the church was racist.

“Sister Veronica has metal taps on her shoes. She teaches tap dancing to the black children in the ghetto,” Sister Bernette reveals to the viewer.

That being said, we learn in this broadcast, a Sister Veronica dedicated her life to God. Sister Bernette states: “She started dancing and was planning on a career in Vaudeville before she took her vows.” This probably doesn’t happen anymore.

It was the 70s, and the church punished you if you broke your vows.

“Oh, Sister Florence wasn’t allowed to go with us. Mother Superior was displeased with her because she broke the vow of silence on the tennis court,” Sister Bernette explains.

The church may be at fault for negligence. Sister Bernette states: “I know we are not at fault. We were driving singing ‘Yay to joy of man’s desiring’ and we couldn’t of done any wrong.” The nuns were driving and singing when they should of been paying attention to the road.

Contrary to this, Charlie thinks it’s was an accident.

“We had an accident. Hit a station wagon full of nuns.”

Moreover, Loretta thinks it’s a sin to hit nuns. Charlie cries: “A station wagon full of nuns? Is that a sin?”

Also, in this airing, Tom is just weird when it comes to love making.

“You’re too aggressive. And you’re to passive. Always. Now, how the hell can a man make love to a woman in a situation like this? How?”

Actually, Mary feels humiliated in regards to love making. “Tom, it is so humiliating bringing up why you don’t want me,” Mary sobs.

In the end, Mary lets us know that she hasn’t made love to Tom in eight weeks. “I been waiting for eight weeks,” cries Mary.

In brief, this was a good airing. I was glad that Mary and Tom had a good talk. As well, good thing Charlie and Loretta survived that accident. Finally, it sucks to be humiliated in a marriage. I liked this episode.

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