“Episode 23” has story lines for everyone. First, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman goes Deliverance. Next, with his rules, Coach Fetter violates the right of privacy of his basketball players. Afterward, Sgt. Foley wants to fool around with married women. Later, Mary follows advice from the National Enquirer. These story lines caught my interest in this segment of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.

When heading to Nashville to fulfill her dreams of becoming a famous country star, Loretta is almost raped by two hillbillies. Loretta says to herself: “You shouldn’t of made me pretty, Lord. It only leads to woe.”

Before the hillbillies rape her, Loretta is asked a question. One hillbilly says, “You going to go up there and talk to all those big shots up there in Nashville?”

Afterwards, Loretta asks a question of her own.

“You mean, you’re a country and western song writer?” Loretta says.

Meantime, Mary has a nervous breakdown due to Tom’s infidelity.

“Why did you do it? Why did you sleep with her. You ruined it! You ruined us! Can’t you see that you ruined us!” Mary asks Tom.

In this episode, we learn Coach Fedders has basketball rules to infringe on the right of privacy of his players.

“Something tells me some of my boys are breaking my rules against having intercourse during basketball season,” Coach Fedders explains to Blanche Fedders.

Besides that, we learn the Fedder have a runaway daughter. Blanche Fedders yells on the phone, saying, “Jenny! Jenny, where are you? Jenny, I am your mother and I demand to know where you are. It’s bad enough that you are a runaway hippie that I have to worry what you are doing. Now, where are you?” Teen runaways was a big social issue in the 70s.

It’s this episode, Mary Hartman has a heart of gold.

“Don’t you believe that people should do things for other people when other people are in trouble? I mean there is so much tragedy going on in our neighborhood,” Mary says to Sgt. Foley.

However, Sgt. Foley wants to fool around with married women. “I mean alone and privacy,” Sgt Foley says.

However, Mary Hartman doesn’t want to fool around. “I am a little confused about that,” Mary protests.

Mary Hartman is smart, and she doesn’t want to make problems for herself. “You see, I am having certain upsetting marital difficulties,” Mary informs Sgt. Foley.

When it comes to getting marital advice, Mary looks to National Enquirer.

“I read an article in the National Enquirer that says that when your difficulties are making you emotionally upset, that’s not the right time, I mean that’s the wrong time to start a new personal relationship,” Mary says.

Mary and Sgt. Foley discuss magazine experts. Mary says, “But the article was written by an expert.” Sgt. Foley wonders, “How do you know he’s an expert?”

Mary stands by the article’s expert.

“Well, I am sure. Otherwise, the magazine wouldn’t of printed the article. I mean, what do you think, I am going to read an article on human relationships by a butcher?” Mary tells Sgt. Foley.

In fact, Mary just wants to live right. “I want to live properly. I want to live the right live,” Mary says to Sgt. Foley who doesn’t care.

Altogether, this segment was decent. For example, it was the 70s, so Deliverance, the movie, made sense. Also, Sgt. Foley is a woman eater. Finally, Mary gets her much needed advice from the National Equirer. This broadcast was funny and on point for the 70s.

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