Basically, “Episode 22” is about marriage breakdown. We see Mary cheating on Tom. And Tom accuses Mary of being unfaithful. It’s this broadcast where we see the Hartmans fall apart.

To start, Mary Hartman is saved from committing adultary at the last moment. Mary tells a Sgt. Foley, saying, “I just remembered something. Do you know what time it is? Um. Do you happend to know the time? Could you call the time for me if you don’t know the time if you don’t have a watch or anything. I could call if you could tell me where the phone is. I could call and find it. Oh, it’s 6:30 pm? Oh my, that’s very late… I better be going now.” May, ops I mean Mary, says.

When it comes to fooling around, Tom is catching on.

“You’re standing there with one shoe on and one shoe off,” Tom tells Mary.

However, Mary tries to play it off in this episode. She sings a song: “Diddle diddle dumpling, my son John…” Tom looks mad.

Bluntly, Tom questions Mary, because Mary came home without food.

“I don’t see any groceries Mary!” screams Tom at a blank faced Mary.

Mary tries to be funny, since she knows Tom caught her. She explains to Tom: “Maybe I ate them.”

Nevertheless, Tom isn’t interested because he wants answers.

“I have a right to ask you where you were this afternoon. I am your damn husband,” Tom yells at Mary.

That being said, Mary turns the tables on Tom. Mary says, “How does it feel Tom. Not knowing where I was or what I did.”

Now, Tom is sorry, even though he cheated too.

“I am suffering. Is that what you want? You want me to suffer? Ok, I am suffering,” cries Tom to Mary.

Not only that, Mary is sorry too. “Oh, Tom, I am sorry,” Mary cries.

Apart from this, Mary is confused about Tom.

“I am glad you feel terrible! Oh Tom, I didn’t mean that. I am not glad,” blurts Mary.

At the same time, Mary can’t stop laughing at Tom. She laughs at Tom, saying, “Tom, what happened to your face? It’s all red and splotchy.”

Due to Tom’s red face, Mary breaks out in laughter. “I am laughing cause it’s so sad. It funny cause it’s so humiliating.”

According to Tom, Mary looks guilty. “If you didn’t do anything, why do you feel so guilty,’ relates Tom.

Briefly, this was a serious episode. The Hartman’s marriage is falling apart. Mary is cheating. Tom is cheating. I felt bad for Heather since it’s not her fault. There was a lot of drama in this broadcast.

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