In this episode, the hostage taking continues. We see an adulterous Reverend Standfast. As well, Mary Hartman has picked up some psychiatry from Reader’s Digest. Plus, May gets advice from Ann Landers. Further, the LT wants to bring in a motivational speaker, because the Reverend Standfast is chicken. Check these story line out since they are pretty funny.

To start, the Shumways got a new TV antenna.

“The picture is much better since George put up that new arial. Look, you can actually see faces,” laughs Martha.

However, Heather has seen better TVs. Heather tells us her friend has a better one: “Still not as good as Marcy Kidders. She’s got a Sony wall screen, four feet across.”

Meantime, back at the hostage taking, we see a quacky news reporter, Jesus Rivera.

“Flash! Flash! We have just learned that one of Fernwood’s finest is attempting to enter the rear of the abandoned Chinese laundry.” Jesus reports.

In this episode, Mary has learned psychiatry from Reader’s Digest. Mary explains to Sgt. Foley, saying, “But I also understand, being a police officer and all, you know the tensions on your job. Well, I am no psychiatrist of course, but I am a subscriber to Reader’s Digest.”

During this broadcast, Tom confronts the Reverend Steadfast about infidelity. Tom blurts out: “Florence B. Decker. The one you had an affair with.”

Nevertheless, women claim to have drawn strength from the Reverend.

“He’s given us all the strength in what must be done,” sighs Tom’s mistress May.

Not to be out done, the Reverend’s mistress agrees. “Even me,” smiles a Florence B. Decker.

As well, in this airing, May discusses the Reverend Steadfast’s affairs. May gives her account of an affair: “Florence B. Decker… She began to confide in me about this relatioship she was having with the Reverend Standfast, an illicit relationship.” The Reverend Steadfast gets around with the ladies of his church.

At this point, the LT wants to bring in a motivational speaker due to the Reverend’s lack of courage.

“Look, take it easy. Just in case we can’t contact the Reverend Standfast, would you settle for someone else? We have a professor standing by from the Dale Carneige Institute of Self Help,” Lt says.

In the Chinese laundry, Davey has chewed his finger nails. “One of Davey’s hands is bitten to the quick. The other hasn’t been touched,” Mary points out.

Sgt. Foley takes the opportunity to read poetry to Mary during the hostage taking since he was captured too.

“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and temperate. Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,” Sgt. Foley tries hard.

But Mary thinks Sgt. Foley knows about Tom’s affair. “May? You know about Tom and May?” asks Mary.

Toward the end of the segment, May tells Tom about Ann Landers. May says, “Well, it’s very complicated. But you see, after my divorce, I was feeling sort of suicidal. So I wrote to Ann Landers.” May was suicidal after her divorce.

When she was depressed, May got some advice to go see a shrink or priest from Ann Landers. May explains: “She suggested I seek the advice of a psychiatrist or my clergyman. Any ways, I am not very religious and I can’t afford a 4.35 dollars a hour. So I went to see the Reverend Standfast,” May was near broke, so she could only afford to see a priest.

Afterward, back at the church, Florence meets the Reverend Steadfast. “Hello Bunny,” Florence says to the Reverend.

Elsewhere, the Reverend Standfast’s wife, Christine Standfast, is doing work. “No I better stay and polish my organ,” as Christine turns down a social outing with May.

In the end, Christine Standfast orders the reverend to speak with Davey. “Oh, the Reverend will do it. That’s why he joined the World Wide Life Church. Because he’s always had a tremendous interest in the wives of his flock,” Christine, Reverend Standfast’s wife, says

Moreover, Christine is aware of the Reverend’s adultary.

“Oh, and Florence, the next time you and the reverend have choir practice just remind him to turn in the motel key just before you leave,” as sternly looking Chistine says to Florence.

Overall, I liked this episode, because it had 70s stuff. In one scene, we hear about Ann Landers, an advice columnist. As well, we learn people depended on Reader’s Digest. Finally, the Dale Carnegie motivational thing was funny. This one will have you laughing along to it.

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