In “Episode 16,” we see a few things. First, we meet a Reverand Steadfast who was brought in to deal with a crisis situation, but he drives a Lincoln luxury car and took an oath of poverty too. Also, Blanche starts a protest at the Chinese laundry. All the while, Grandpa Larkin is watching the hostage taking on TV. These are the main story lines of this broadcast.

This episode begins with Reverend Steadfast who drives an expensive car. George tells us about the reverend: “Does he own that car? I tell, I seen that Lincoln in a lot of strange places.” So much for his oath of poverty to become a minister.

We learn, the Reverend is scared to talk to Davey. George tells us, saying, “I think the son of the cloth is scared.” George might be right.

But the Reverend has God on his side, at least some believe.

“How could he be? He’s got God on his side,” smiles sarcastically Loretta.

Nevertheless, Cathy knows the Reverend is scared. “Then how come his knees are shaking?” Cathy points out to Loretta and George.

In Fernwood, Ohio, people once respected the Reverend. Tom feels this way: “I used to look up to that man.”

However, some people still respect the Reverend. Charlie tells everyone, saying: “Oh, he’s still somebody to look up to. He drives a Lincoln.”

During the chaos, Tom tries to encourage the Reverend to speak to Davey. “You mean, you’re going to read from the bible, but when it comes to flesh and blood, you are not going to do a darn thing to help? Is that it?” says Tom to a trembling Reverend Standfast.

Not only that, Tom wonders why the Reverand can’t face Davey. “But you can’t go in and face that kid, even though it can mean my Mary’s life,” begs Tom.

The Reverend doesn’t care, and only cares about getting something. “No,” says Reverend Standfast. “Does anyone have a valuim.”

That being said, Tom wants action from the Reverend. “I don’t need explainations. I need some action,” yells Tom.

At this point in the segment, Blanche starts a protest.

“Sex and violence in the media,” says Blanche over the bullhorn to a crowd. “That’s it George Shumway. The problem right there. Your own daughter held captive by a crazed maniac. And you don’t even know what caused it… Anybody with half a brain can see that it’s in the air.”

Loretta wonders about the protest. “Is she talking about pollution?” wonders Loretta.

According to Blanche, it’s all the media’s fault. “I am saying, it is the sex and violence our young people are exposed to on television everyday.” yells Blanche.

Meanwhile, Grandpa Larkin is watching the news at home. “George sounds even more stupid when he’s yelling about his missing socks,” comments Grandpa Larkin on the lastest news update. “Courage is a matter of personal conscience,” says Sgt. Foley on TV.

Meantime, in Fernwood’s hour of need, the Reverend runs off. “You know it just bothers me how a man of God can just run off like that,” Charlie adds.
“He didn’t run. He drove his Lincoln,” comments George.

In short, I liked this episode. We got to see the chicken Reverend Steadfast. Plus, Tom has a bone to pick with the Reverend. All the while, Grandpa Larkin watches the hostage taking on the news. I enjoyed another episode of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.

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