“Episode 15” centers on Mary and Davey, the Lombardi killer. To begin, these two spend a lot of time together in an abandoned Chinese laundry. As well, they talk about all kinds of crazy stuff. This broadcast examines the relationship of Mary and Davey.

The broadcast kicks off with Mary having a lot of tension. Mary moans, saying: “Fingers. Can you do fingers. Higher, a little higher.” Mary gets a neck massage from a killer.

During the massage, Davey talks about Buck Lombardi. Davey explains, “And that’s not all. Mr.Lombardi came home for dinner one night, and Mrs. Lombardi had been cooking all day, a heavy set woman, slaving over a hot stove. All day, and when she served dinner, he said ‘that was good’.” Apparently, Buck Lombardi, after a day’s work, mocked his wife in a cruel fashion.

During the conversation, Mary and Davey discuss personal matters.

“About killing me. I thought it was a little personal,” Mary slowly tells Davey.

It’s at this point the police call Davey a terrorist over the walkie talkie.

“I am not a terrorist! I am a plumber’s assistant!” Davey yells in response to the police message.

Afterward, Davey goes back to Mary’s massage. “A little lower day. That was good,” moans Mary.

Davey isn’t finished talking about Mr. Lombardi. “As if that bite was bad enough, if it wasn’t bad enough after dinner, Mrs. Lombardi said ‘knock knock’.”

Davey tells a joke. “Who’s there?” Mary asks. “Kurch,” says Davey. “Kurch who?” Mary responds. “Kazoontight,” Davey adds.

At this point, all hell breaks loose. Davey says, “And they laughed. So I killed them.”

Meanwhile, Davey sends Mary out to the police.

“In less my demands are met in 30 minutes, I am going to kill Mary Hartman,” says Davey’s note.

After reading the note, Mary is surprised. Mary tells us, saying, “Mary Hartman?”

Anyways, Mary goes out to the police. She tells the police, saying, “I have a note.”

When Mary gets back into the hideout, the police call on the walkie talkie. “Just tell them Targa Carrara,” Davey stutters to Mary.

Meantime, Loretta want to sing to a crowd which has formed in front of the Chinese laundry.

“Honey, we don’t have the guitar,” says Charlie as he points a shotgun in public.

The police want a priest to talk to Davey. “Right! He’d be perfect. He does all this work with the loonies. The problem kids,” says the lead detective about Reverend Steadfast.

Apparently, there is some history between the Reverend. “I remember little Davey when he was about nine-years-old. He belonged to the Revarend’s youth group. And he would come around to our door selling fudge and tickets to the youth fair,” Martha yells to the crowd.

Strangely, the police and George Shumway are worried about Marth. “They’re getting on to it, Martha,” George says.

Before she leaves, Charlie has some words for Heather.”You can watch it on television, honey. That way, you get a commentator, and close ups. Maybe an instant replay,” Charlie tells Heather as she pleads to not be taken home.

Towards the end of this broadcast, Davey has a fit because he can’t get his car. “But I need it!” demands Davey. get gif of it and write it too on it

In summary, Mary got to know Davey in this episode. We learn Davey suffered abuse at the hands of his father. Plus, Mary performed well under stress. This was an exciting episode.

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