“Episode 14” is an insane one. To begin, Mary does a dance with a gun to her head. As well as that, Davey is a mass killer, because he was abused as a kid. Not only that, we see the arrival of TV stations, police, and a huge crowd. This is a crazy episode.

As this broadcast begins at the mass murderer’s hideout, Mary can’t seem to think or spell when confronted with a gun. Mary looks at Davey, steadily, saying, “Huh. Well, there doesn’t seem to be any place to sit. Does there? Is that correct, grammatically ‘does there’?” as Mary shuffles back and forth across the floor with a gun to her head.

In a state of frozen fright, Mary tells a confused Davey to sit on anything. “Listen, if you don’t want to sit on the floor. Why don’t you sit over there on whatever that is,” Mary points out to Davey.

Once sitted, Mary thinks Davey has a fake gun. Mary looks at the gun, replying, “Is that a real gun, Davey? That’s not real is it? What is that? A little toy little water cap stuff?”

Speciafically, Mary thinks it’s a toy gun with a flag. “Oh. See, I saw this skit on the Howard Cozell show once. It was a hilarious skit and Tina Louise had a gun. And she took out her gun and she pulled the trigger. And a sign came out that said ‘Bang’. Isn’t that hilarious Davey? Does yours have a sign, Davey? It does, doesn’t it?” wonders Mary.

Afterward, Mary and Davey chat about his Davey’s father, which brings up some horrible memories. At this point, Davey relives some bad memories and screams: “My father. I hate him. I hate him.”

At this point, Mary realizes Davey is crazy when he screams. Slowly, Mary backs up toward the door, saying, “I tell you what Davey. I really have to be going. It was really nice talking to you.”

Meanwhile, a crowd has gathered outside.

“The kids a trigger happy psycho. We don’t know what to expect,” Detective Johnson says.

It’s strange that people are everywhere in this police operation. Detective Johnson tells a litte girl standing in front of him on the bullhorn: “Little girl, please get down.” I guess this was the 70s.

As Tom grabs Heather to protect her from gunfire, Loretta screams at him. Loretta says,”Oh no, Tom. You wasn’t out with that woman from the plant, was you? I am sorry, but Mary showed me that match with her name and number on and everything. Tom, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.” This is a strange conversation to have at this moment.

Along with that, there is a deaf mute person who wants to go on a food run. In fact, Cathy tells us: “Steve has just offered to go to Jack In The Box.”

Even stranger, the cops inform Davey about being on TV.

“Alright Jessup. We’re on TV,” blares Detective Johnson over the loudspeaker.

Meantime, Davey is having a nervous breakdown. Davey screams at Tom who has entered the hideout: “Stop yelling like my father.”

This episode addresses police brutality in the 70s, too.

“Watch the brutality. We on TV, will you,” Detective Johnson tells his officers.

In addition to this, TV reporters are on the scene. Clete Meisenheimer, a TV reporter, reports: “Well, there it is folks. The unspeakable agony of a man whose wife is possibly seconds away from death. And we’ll be here to bring it to you as it happens! I am Cleat Meisenheimer.”

To conclude, yeah, “Episode 14′ was a crazy one. With a gun to her head, Mary does a strange dance, which was so funny. As well, Davey made me laugh when the sirens came and he screamed, which scared Mary to the point of runnng into another room. This was an insane episode to watch, so it will get laughs.

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