In “Episode 13” of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, there are two main story lines. The first involves the mass murder. The second involves Grandpa Larkin and Frannie. These are the main story lines to follow in this broadcast.

Throughout this episode, Heather falls into the hands of a mass killer. Martha faints and tells Mary, “Heather in the hands of maniac. Say it’s not true… She spent two nights and two days with a maniac.”

Besides that, Mary learns the identity of this killer. She says, “Little Davey Jessup. That sweet little Davey Jessup?”

Along with that, we learn Davey Jessup loved animals before he killed them. “Yeah, that’s him. He loves animals. At least he’s sick about what he did to the Lombardi’s goats and chickens,” explains Heather.

As well, people can’t believe it that Davey is a mass murderer. Mary tells the viewers, saying, “Of course, he’s a wonderful boy. I can’t believe it! Davey Jessup? The mass murder? Why?”

That being said, Mary attributes Davey’s violent behavior to a bad diet. “Oh, that’s probably because he isn’t eating properly because of all this tension,” Mary points out to the listeners.

As well as that, Martha sees Davey Jessup as a killer. “That sweet little boy is a mass murderer!” moans Martha.

Meanwhile, George calls the police to inform them about the killer. George screams over the phone, yelling, “Did you hear that! Mary Hartman! The mass murderer is holding her hostage.”

Elsewhere, Grandpa Larkin’s new girlfriend, frannie, has some advice. “Raymond, I always told you, it’s better to not go home. It’s always better to keep away from them.”

Despite the guidance, Grandpa Larkin has had it with Frannie. “There’s just so much an old geezer like that can take… Look! I am too old for you! It’s all over. Go home. Goodbye. I want to go back to gathering dust like the furniture,” Grandpa Larkin protests.

Meantime, Mary goes to see Davey at the hide out. When Davey pulls a gun, Mary says, “Oh, Davey, I don’t want you to do it. I mean really, if there’s one thing I swear, I do not want you to blow my head off.” Actually, come to think of it, Mary sounds like she wants Davey to pull the trigger.

To sum up, this broadcast tied up some loose ends. First, we learn the identity of the Lombardi mass murders, Davey Jessup. Second, Grandpa Larkin ditches Frannie. This segment answered a lot of questions from past episodes.

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