To begin, “Episode 12” has some good story lines. To start, Mary’s laundry gets soaked in the rain. Plus, Martha has problems with Cathy’s handicapped boyfriend. Additionally, Martha takes it out on Mary. These are some great stories in “Episode 12” of Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.

In one scene, Loretta is wearing a nighty. As she lounges around, she says, “Breakfast is almost ready” Women wore nighties during the 70s.

Later, though, Mary’s laundry gets soaked in the rain.

“I am alright. It rained on my laundry,” cries Mary to a onlooking Sgt. Foley.

“I am alright. It rained on my laundry,” cries Mary to a onlooking Sgt. Foley.

In one scene, Mary brings up Loretta’s miscarriages. Mary comments to Loretta, saying: “I mean about all those miscarriages you had and everything. A child is a joy.”

Afterward, Cathy discusses a boyfriend with Martha. Cathy says to her mom: “Steve! Isn’t that a beautiful name?” I thought, what an odd thing to say.

However, Martha sees problem with this new handicapped boyfriend. Martha cries to Cathy, saying, “Can’t hear huh. That’s too bad. Well, I am sorry if he’s handicapped. But daddy and I would never be able to learn that sign language.” This was the 70s and handicapped people seemed like a new thing.

Elsewhere, Charlie has something to say to Tom. Charlie tells Tom, saying, “What’s with you and May. I am not blind. It sticks out all over the place.”

People are catching on that Tom and May are fooling around.
At this point, Tom realizes something important. Tom says, “My daughter is missing.”

Meanwhile, Martha is loosing her mind at home. Martha screams at Mary, yelling, “I am at the end of my rope. At the end of my rope. And it’s a good thing. If I had anymore rope, I’d hang myself.”

Along with that, Martha blames Mary for everything wrong. Martha screams to Mary: “Your father complaining about grocery bills. Your Grandpa Larkin acting like the playboy of the year. And your sister Cathy talking about marrying a deaf and dumb man. And it’s all your fault. You’re the one encouraging her to live the life she lives.”

As well as that, Martha blames Mary for Grandpa Larkin.

“And Grandpa. That’s your fault too. Yes, if you kept an eye on him, he wouldn’t be wondering around the street and becoming the Fernwood Flasher,” a distressed Martha blurts out.

Besides that, Martha is tired of worrying about everything. “I always have to do all the work and worry for everyone in this family,” points out a worried Martha.

At the end of this episode, Mary starts to lose it. “That doesn’t sound like a very fair punishment just for being late,” says a concerned Mary.

To conclude, this broadcast was funny. Especially the part where Martha takes it out on Mary. As well, I got a few laughs out of the rejected handicapped boyfriend. I loved this airing too.

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