“Episode 10” touches on some issues of the 70s, which slipped passed people. First, the unionization of the workplace is discussed in this segment. As well, doctors smoked in hospitals. Tom, too, has an affair while meeting someone at the bar. These are some 70s issues, which many people didn’t pay attention to in the 70s.

As the police report a missing Heather, Mary nervously grins at a Detective Johnson. Detective Johnson explains to Mary, saying, “Mrs. Hartman, I am sorry to tell you this, but your daughter is missing.”

In this airing, Tom is upset; that being said, Charlie knows Tom has marriage problems.

“Best friends don’t say “oh” like that, Charlie!” yells Tom.

Apart from this, Charlie doesn’t want to talk about it with Tom. “Ah, it’s busy. She’s probably talking to Blanche Fethers.”

As well, Tom’s work place is unionized. In one scene where Charlie is talking on a payphone, you can see a union chart of accidents and death rates. During the 70s, many work places would unionize.

Meanwhile, George to Charlie talk about inflation. “Wages can’t keep up with inflation… It makes a dollar bill look like a postage stamp.” In the 70s, inflation was a big issue in the US.

Aside, we learn that doctors smoked on the job in 70s. However, today, smoking isn’t allowed in hospitals. Now, doctors have to smoke outdoors.

In this segment, Roberta continues to write her report. Roberta explains to Grandpa Larkin: “My report to Judge Stanley on your counselling sessions.” As part of release, Grandpa Larkin must submit to a court appointed psychiatrist who will write a report on him to submit to a judge.

During this episode, May is having a hard day.

“The TV was in the repair shop. The phone was out of order. And the waste disposal garbage drain was jammed. So I just broke down and cried for 20 minutes. Then I decided here,” cries May to Tom at the bar.

“Episode 10” sees Tom commit adultery. May tells Tom before they leave the bar for her place, saying, “Like they say, nobody is perfect.” Incidentally, in 2020, you can still go to jail for committing fornication in some states.

In short, this episode was all about the 70s. Affairs, unions, and smoking doctors made up this broadcast. I enjoyed watching it.

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