In regards to “Episode 5,” here’s some funny scenes; especially, when Grandpa Larkin drops some knowledge on Martha about the benefits of a short life in this world. As well, we learn Mary gets a disturbing call from a stranger. Plus, Grandpa Larkin arrives at Mary Hartman’s house in the mid morning. These are some funny bits in this broadcast.

While down at the local bowling alley, Charlie and Loretta are delusional. Charlie believes people loved Loretta’s singing: “They loved you. You heard him.” Charlies just lies about people liking the singing of Loretta.

Meanwhile, at Martha’s and George’s house, Martha tells Grandpa about a long life.

“Long life is a blessing, pa. You know that, pa,” laughs Martha.

However, Grandpa Larkin doesn’t see it that way. Grandpa Larkin tells Martha, saying, “Ah, for who? For hearing aid companies and denture manufacturers. That’s for who.” Grandpa Larkin sees a long life only benefiting companies.

Elsewhere, at the Hartman house, a stranger makes a call.

“Mrs. Hartman? You got a kid named Heather? The one who knew the Lombardi’s. Just wanted to make sure I didn’t have the wrong one,” as the stranger waits for an answer.

In a state of shock, Mary asks the stranger a question. Mary says, “Who is this? Is this dial a joke?” However, the stranger doesn’t answer her question.

After the call, Tom comforts Mary. “It was just some kid playing a prank… That voice on the phone was just some kind of joker,” Tom laughs.

In this episode, Mary continues trying coffee at breakfast.

“What am I going to do about my coffee? I have tried every type of coffee,” sighs Mary.

During breakfast, Mary tries to reassure Tom about his manhood.

“Tom, I love you. I love you very much… Tom, you did try. You did try!” yells Mary.

Nevertheless, Tom ain’t having it. He tells Mary: “That is the worst possible thing you could of said at this moment. The worst,” as Tom stomps off to work.

At this point in the show, Heather wants a dollar for tap lessons at school. Mary looks at her and says to herself, “She’s not a happy child.”

Towards the end of the broadcast, Grandpa Larkin can’t figure out what to do. He tells Mary: “My only problem today is trying to decide whether to go to the park and play checkers. Or go down to the Safeway and watch em unload metal. Sometimes, they drop one.” While explaining himself to Mary, Mary’s friends arrive .

Before leaving, Grandpa Larkin skips breakfast “Mary, it’s noon. Who eats breakfast at noon.”

Overall, I like this segment because Grandpa Larkin was smart and funny. He made sense about who really benefits off old people. As well, Grandpa Larkin made strong points about senior citizens even though there is nothing for him to do in his community. Yeah, this episode made you think about the role of senior citizens in the 1970s.

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