As this episode begins, we learn Grandpa Larkin is back in jail. As well, the Hartmans are headed back to the House of Pancakes when things get hot. Plus, Mary tries a new brand of coffee. Further, Sgt Foley commits fornication. These are some great stories lines to follow in this broadcasts.

Whether Grandpa Larkin is in jail or not, George always seems to be after him. “That’s his story! He just wants me put away,” protests a adamant Grandpa Larkin to indifferent Hartman family.

Because Grandpa Larkin is old, his family seems to want him out. Grandpa tells a judge, saying, “Which family? I got some family. They would be more friendly if they were strangers.”

That being said while in Court, the Judge agrees with Grandpa Larkin. The Judge states: “I almost agree with you.”

However, Mary Hartman feels different.

“That’s not true, Grandpa! We are family,” pleads Mary.

During this episode, Mary Hartman’s family goes to the House of Pancakes when things get hot for a second time.

“It’s ok ma. We are all going to the House of Pancakes.”

Meanwhile, back at the Hartman house, Mary serves breakfast.

“Yes, dear, have some cereal. It’s endorsed by Billie Jean King,” smiles Mary to Heather as she gets ready to leave for school.

It’s this broadcast where Mary tries out a new brand of coffee. “Would you like a cup of coffee dad. I am using a new brand,” explains Mary to George who dropped by during breakfast.

In this episode, the Hartman’s have a night out. During an intimate talk with Tom, Mary has something to say, “I’m not that sweet.”

Tom and Mary have a close talk.

“You marry the girl next door rignt?” questions Tom, “and people like you and me, we just go to drive in theatres and sit in bowling alleys.”

However, not kind agreeing, Mary feels like an animal. “I am an animal,” asserts Mary.

Nevertheless, Tom is just worried about Mary’s language in this broadcast. Tom tells Mary, saying, “Mary, watch what you say. We’re in a public place.”

In “Episode 4,” Mary reveals her source of advice. “Reader’s Digest says anger is a very bad thing.”

Also, it’s this airing where Sgt Foley fornicates. “We’d like to see your daughter Heather about the Lombardi murders,” as he eyes up a married Mary Hartman.

In summary, I liked this episode. It seemed honest when the Hartman family wanted to get rid of Grandpa. Also, the part about the House of Pancakes seemed honest; that is, when things get hot, families always want to hide. These were just some good story lines, which I enjoyed in this episode.

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