“Episode 3” has a few good story lines. To start, a Fernwood Courier reporter is on Lombardi mass murder story. As well, Grandpa Larkin isn’t finished with flashing. Plus, Mary loses it as the whole family goes the House of Pancakes. These are some of the story lines to watch in this episode.

To begin, Mary Hartman trolls the Fernwood Courier reporter with a Schlitz beer. She explains she’d offer him a beer, but the last beer is for her husband who works. That being said, the reporter just sits there and takes it.

It should be said, Fernwood, Ohio, only has a weekly newspaper. It comes out on Sunday. It features stories on mass murders and flashers.

At this point in the show, Loretta tells Charlie about Heather, Tom’s and Mary’s daughter, who is suspected of being a mass murderer.

“Heather had been seen over at the Lombardi house the very same day that they were all murdered… Well you don’t think she had anything to do with that awful tragedy, do you?”

That being said, we learn Mary is a passive aggressive when it comes to Tom, her husband. Mary tells the reporter, “Tom hates pepper.” With that, Mary pours tons of pepper into Tom’s supper.

In this episode, we learn Heather has won an award. It’s an award for correct posture. Nonetheless, Heather can be slouching at the dinner table.

Meanwhile, the some of the family wants Grandpa Larkin put away. George express his wishes when he says, “I hope you locked the door.”

With that, Grandpa Larkin isn’t done with flashing. We learn this when Cathy calls Mary, saying, “It’s grandpa. He did it again.” Mary responds, “He did it again?”

Nonetheless, Grandpa Larkin inspires a family talk. Mary explains to the family, saying, “Fathers can be perverts as well as anybody else.” George adds, “There are no flashers in my family, Mary. Are they?”

During this broadcast, Mary appears manic.

“Everybody, everything is going to be all right! And afterword, we are all going to go to the House of Pancakes,” she screams as she jumps in the middle of the family at the police station.

As Mary screams around, Martha loses it on George. “Oh George, stop trying to wreck everything,” she cries.

Oddly, in Fernwood, Ohio, they lock the playgrounds at night. “I was wondering cause I know that the playground is locked at night.”

“Episode 3” was funny. Who can’t laugh at old man who can’t remember to put on his pants. Also, the stuck at home house wife was funny. Finally, after losing it, who wouldn’t want to the House of Pancakes? This was a hilarious broadcast.

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