Billie Eilish’s song “Six Feet Under,” released off the Six Feet Under 2016 album, is about the final outcome of all love: Six feet under.

That being said, this song is written from the perspective of an old person who has dementia while looking back on a past relationship.

“Help, I lost my self again. But I remember you.”

Not only that, this is a bitter person.

“Don’t come back. It won’t end well,” warns Billie.

Billie even admits it.

“Our love is six feet under.”

However, the sun shines on all things -good or bad.

“I can’t help but wonder. If our grave was watered by the rain. Would rose bloom? Could roses bloom again?”

Nevertheless, Billie doesn’t want to think about it.

“Retrace my lips. Erase your touch. It’s all too much for me,” points out Billie.

But what does it matter if one partner is dead anyways.

“Blow away like smoke in the air. How could you die carelessly? Our love is six feet under,” sorrowfully sings Billie.

Now, all that is left is memories.

“They’re playin’ our sound. Layin’ us down tonight. And all of these clouds. Crying us back to life. But you’re cold as a night. Six feet under.”

In brief, I liked the song. It pulls no punches in telling the truth about the outcome of all love. That being, six feet under. I added this to my playlist.

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