Here’s a little song titled “Dress You Up” by Madonna, which I love to play when I battle the trolls on Tinychat, Vaughnlive, or social media. It makes my playlist for battling trolls, keyboard warriors, narcissists, and those that try to whiteknight.

Honestly, I so love this song cause of the Joker dance at the beginning. Tell me, doesn’t that look like the Joker dancing behind a purple screen? Maybe it was the inspiration for the Joker and the Batman movies. But it’s my Joker dance, too, which I dance when I battle the trolls online- if only they could see me:)

Anyways, when I like being sarcastic, I smile and soulfully sing this song to the trolls. “You’ve got style. That’s what all the girls say. Satin sheets. And luxuries so fine. All your suits are custom made in London. I’ve got something that you’ll really like.” Especially, when I battle ugly trolls who got no skills at trolling.

As the battle rages on, the try hard trolls rage, try harder, as I sing these particular lyrics. “All your suits are custom made in London. I’ve got something that you’ll really like. Gonna dress you up in my love. All over, all over. Gonna dress you up in my love. All over your body.” I simply put these words into their minds and before you know it, they are saying my words in the chatbox as I sing “dress you up in my love” while they rage and get mad.

So sorry, so sorry, Mr. Troll, after exposing you. “Feel the silky touch of my caresses. They will keep you looking so brand new. Let me cover you with velvet kisses. I’ll create a look that’s made for you.” Don’t my caresses feel nice; especially, when you are mad?

Briefly, it’s a great Joker song. A great dance, if only for that. And a cool 80s tune. Listen to it for 10 hours straight on Youtube. Especiallsy, when you are going crazy couped up in quarantine.

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