The Blondie song “Rapture,” from the 1980 Autoamerican album, is about the end of the world (the Great Tribulation), although Debbie Harry is highly creative describing it with her singing and rap lyrics.

Basically, in the bible, the “rapture” refers to a coming time when Jesus calls his 144, 000 earthly slaves to heaven (biblical marriage between groom and bride). At this time during the Great Tribulation, Jesus, his 144, 000 bought and paid for slaves, and his mighty army of angels do battle with earthly governments, which are controlled by Satan and his demons who are bent on destroying Jehovah God’s people (other sheep).

Of course, in the bible, particularly, in the Book of Revelations and the Book of Daniel, after a “pushing” match, the present King of The North (Russia) and the King of The South (American/British powers) are defeated at the battle of Armageddon. Thus, Jesus’ 1000 millennial rule begins, which sees the abolishment of death, Satan locked up for a 1000 year period, the perfection of man, the resurrection of the righteous and unrighteous, and the restoration of paradise like conditions throughout the earth.

Essentially, we see the fulfillment of Jehovah God’s original purpose for mankind and the earth, and that’s the underlying story behind Blondie’s “Rapture” music video. That being said, “be pure” like Debbie warns in her “Rapture” song.

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