In regards to the “Don’t Smile At Me” 2017 album by Billie Eilish, I will give an interpretation of the song “Party Favor,” which has a great ukulele BTW.

Like Billie, there’s a point where I get sick of waiting too. “Hey, leave a message. Hey – call me back when you get this. Or when you’ve got a minute. We really need to talk. Wait – you know what. Maybe just forget it. Cause by the time you get this. Your number might be blocked.”

Especially, like Billie, I can’t stand people who want what they can’t have. Billie sings: “‘Stay’ and ‘bla bla bla’. You just want what you can’t have.”

Consequently, I, too, will call the cops on you even though it’s your birthday if you ask for it. “And I hate to do this to you on your birthday. Happy birthday by the way.”

Like Billie, I don’t play around, so you shouldn’t feed me bullshat. “‘It’s not you, it’s me’ and all that other bullshit. You know that’s bullshit. Don’tcha’, babe?” Billie explains to us.

When it comes to parties, too, like Billie, you shouldn’t mess around with me. “I’m not your party favor.”

Plus, I will do it over and over, until you get the point. “Look – now I know, we could’ve done it better. But we can’t change the weather.”

As a result, I will repeat myself since you don’t understand.

“Books don’t make sense if you read ’em backwards. You’ll single out the wrong words. Like you mishear all my songs,” Billie warns.

In brief, this song is simple. But it has some thought provoking lyrics. Plus, it has a great melody. Check it out.

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