During April, The New Mutants is finally being released. The movie centers on The New Mutants, a Marvel superhero group trained as replacements for the Uncanny X-Men in 1983. Apparently, the New Mutants are being held in a fake mental institution, which might be haunted. Originally, this movie was to be released under 20th Century Fox, but it will will released under 20th Center Studios, a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Studios, a division of The Walt Disney Company. Anyways, I can’t wait since I am a big fan.

To begin, this move mainly focuses on Danielle Moonstar, a Native American. She is a New Mutant, a back up group member for the missing Uncanny X-Men of 1983. Anyways, she has powers to make your wildest nightmares real. The movie seems to be a superhero horror movie, which is a first of its kind.

In regards to being a horror movie of the 1983 time period, we have a 1983 line up of the New Mutants. First, there is Samuel Guthrie aka Cannonball. Second, there is Xi’an Coy aka Karma. Third, there is Danielle Moonstar aka Mirage. Forth, there is Roberta Da Costa aka Sunspot. Fifth, there is Rahne Sinclair aka Wolfsbane. These are the original new mutants.

However, this movie includes Illyana Rasputin aka Magik. She is a Russian with the power to travel between dimensions. And she was added later to the comic series.

When the movie begins, we learn that the New Mutants are being held in an fake hospital, which is real a cage. However, they do not know it because they are under some delusion that they are free. Moreover, they are watched, monitored, and under surveillance in this institution.

That being said, the New Mutants must participate in therapy groups. They must reveals their emotions and personal stories to a head nurse. This therapy group resembles a real therapy group of a mental institution.

Pink floyd is music group of this movie. Their song “Another Brick In The Wall” plays throughout the song at various points. It’s a great song for the insides of an institution.

Notably, the movie deals with issues of power, surveillance, and resistance. Throughout this movie, we see cameras and learn the mutants adjust their behavior to the cameras. Plus, the New Mutants resist relationships of power in the institution.

Interestingly, one new mutant is catching on to the purpose of the institution.

“I don’t think we are here to get better,” she tells us.

There is main villain in this movie: Demon Bear. Demon bear appeared back in issue 3 of the New Mutants in 1983. He the main enemy, who killed Dani Moonstar’s parents and later battled many X-Men and New Mutants in the comic series.

Plus, there is another villian in this movie. This villain has a smiling face. He is anonymous, too. Word has it that this villain is Antonio Bandaras.

In conclusion, I can’t wait for this movie to come out. It looks very similar to the comic series, but it has a Freddy Krueger twist to it. I look forward to seeing it soon.

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