After checking out the latest trailer on Youtube, Stranger Things 4 is looking real good to watch. To begin, Chief Hopper is still alive, but he’s doing hard labor in a Russian detention camp. Furthermore, he looks stuck in Siberia. Also, we see lots of guards, guns, and dogs in this trailer.That being said, Stranger Things 4 is looking up to be an enjoyable season to watch on Netflix.

After watching this trailer, I am looking forward to the whole Russian detention camp thing in season 4 of Stranger Things. After all, for example, Russia (BTW called “the King of The North” in the bible books of Daniel and Revelations) in not neutral when it comes to religion. As well, they do not respect freedom of religion, free exercise, or free will like in the U.S.A. In fact, Russia detains, persecutes, and tortures certain religions and in Russian detention camps. For sure, the Russian detention camp is an interesting story line to follow.

In regards to the Russian detention camp infringing on civil rights, Russia does not respect the right to freedom of speech. Furthermore, Russia does not respect the right to receive information in order to prevent thought control. As well, Russia bans books. Perhaps, Russia is afraid that the right to free speech may persuade individuals to take action; therefore, Russia bans free speech. That being said, certain free speech is censored in Russia.

Moreover, word has it that the first episode of Stranger Things 4 is called “Chapter One: The Hellfire Club”. This episode takes it name after the brotherhood of evil mutants from The Uncanny X-Men comics series. Also, this episode probably was modeled after the Bohemian Club or the original Hellfire Club, which was an 18th century secret society of whose members were called “The Inner Circle” and wore period costumes. This is an awesome idea for the first episode of Stranger Things 4.

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