In my interpretation of “My Boy” by Billie Eilish from the Don’t Smile At Me 2017 album, Billie talks about her boy, a wannabe gangsta.

Thoughout “My Boy,” Billie tells us about a wannabe gangsta.

“My boy’s being sus’, he was shady enough,” she says, “but now he’s just a shadow.”

That being said, Billie cuts off these kinds of guys in her song.

“My boy loves his friends like I love my splitends,” Billie points out, “and by that I mean.
He cuts ’em off.”

However, Billie might love this gangsta.

“My boy. Don’t love me like he promised.”

Furthermore, Billie’s gangsta isn’t a real man.

“My boy. He ain’t a man, ” Billie tells us, “and sure as hell ain’t honest.”

Basically, Billie’s man is a big ugly crybaby.

“My boy’s an ugly crier,” Billie explains, “but he’s such a pretty liar.
And by that I mean he said he’d ‘change'”.

Therefore, Billie has to cut off her boy.

“He ain’t a man,” she adds, “and sure as hell ain’t honest.
My boy, my boy, my friends, I love my split ends.”

Billie had to cut him off because he tripped on stupid shat. “Alright dude, go trip over a knife.”

Nevertheless, Billie still loved him. “You want me to be yours, well, then you gotta be mine.”

Briefly, “My Boy” is a good song. It’s a simple song about Billie’s boy, a wannabe gangsta. I bump it everyday. You might like it too.

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