In review, I will interpret the lyrics’ of Billie Eilish’s “The End Of the World”.

When the end of the world comes, it will be beautiful day as Billlie tells us. She sings, “Breathe the air again, it’s a beautiful day.”

In fact, there will be a paradise after the end of the world. Billie sings, “I wish this moment would stay with the Earth. Some primal paradise.”

Additionally, some people believe the end will come.  Billie tells us, “There you go again, saying everything ends.”

Nevertheless, there is still time to choose who you want to be with. Billie explains, “If the end of the world was near. Where would you choose to be?”

That being said, lots of people will try to hide from the end. Billie says,”Would you panic and hide. Or run for your life. Or stand here and spend them with me.”

After the end of the world, there will be a resurrection of the dead. Billie sings, “And we would live again.”

Afterward, there will only be truth. Billie adds, “We would love again. Under glorious suns. With the freedom that comes with the truth.”

However, before the end comes, there will be great suffering.

“So it finally came to pass. I saw the end of the world. I saw the madness unfold like.”

Because it all comes down to either survival of God’s people or the Devil’s people, the end will come. Here, Billie talks about Armageddon, the appointed time for Jehovah God’s great day of war, singing, “Armageddon. And the moment of truth. Between you and me.”

In conclusion, here’s another song, which I enjoyed from Billie Eilish. It has a strong biblical message, but that is ok. I will add it to my playlist of Billie Eilish songs.

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