Here’s “Ocean Eyes” from the Don’t Smile At Me album, which was released by Billie Eilish in 2016. That being said, don’t smile at me, as I give my interpretation of another Billie Eilish song.

In this song, Billie has been observing someone for some time. Billie says about this person, singing, “I’ve been watching you. For some time,” she explains to us.

Furthermore, Billie see destruction in the eyes of this person.

“Can’t stop staring at those oceans eyes. Burning cities and napalm skies.”

Moreover, Billie sees other signs in this person’s “ocean eyes”. She sings: “Fifteen flares inside those ocean eyes. Your ocean eyes.”

Even though she sees destruction in the “Ocean Eyes” of this individual, Billie has mixed emotions about this person. “No fair. You really know how to make me cry. When you gimme those ocean eyes. I’m scared,” she tells us.

That being said, Billie has realized she’s reached a very high place in life, and she could fall very hard from such a high place.

“I’ve never fallen from quite this high. Falling into your ocean eyes. Those ocean eyes.”

However, nobody has noticed that Billy can fall. “I’ve been walking through a world gone blind.”

Furthermore, Billie can’t stop thinking about this person’s clear mind, which she compares to a diamond. Billie lyrics tell us, “Can’t stop thinking of your diamond mind.”

Finally, Billie leaves the listener with a cautionary note.

“Careful creature made friends with time. He left her lonely with a diamond mind. And those ocean eyes,” Billie trails off in the song.

Briefly, I like Ocean Eyes. It’s a nice little song with a story. I enjoyed listening to this song.

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