In review, I’ll listen and interpret the lyrics of the Billie Eilish song and video “You Should See Me in A Crown,” which was released on July 18, 2018, through Darkroom and Interscope Records. Because my life resembles a living nightmare, I can relate to this song.

To begin, whenever I go anywhere or meet anyone, I am anxious; therefore, much like Billie, I wonder if people can read me like a warning sign. Billies sings it this way, saying, “Bite my tongue, bide my time. Wearing a warning sign.” Because I am stressed, it feels like I am royalty, and people move out of my way.

That being said, I can relate to Billie’s lyrics when she talks about wearing a crown, although mine feels like a crown of thorns. Billie tells us, singing, “You should see me in a crown. I’m gonna run this nothing town. Watch me make ’em bow. One by one by, one. One by one by.”

Moreover, Billie sings about silence in her song. She tells the listerner, saying: “You should see me in a crown. Your silence is my favorite sound. Watch me make ’em bow. One by one by, one. One by one by (one).” Isn’t silence golden?

As well, she sings about falling and blood. Billie’s lyrics seem scary when she sings: “Count my cards, watch them fall. Blood on a marble wall. I like the way they all scream.” I, too, love it when I have a winning hand, and the look on the other player’s faces.

However, personally, my life is a nightmare, so I relate to these next lyrics in this song. Billie, covered by spiders, sings, “Tell me which one is worse. Living or dying first.” Sometimes, actually, I feel spiders on my face, too, but there’s nothing there.

In accordance with Billie’s lyrics in the next line, I believe living is worse than death. Billie sings, “Sleeping inside a hearse. I don’t dream.” When a person dies, I feel that’s the best day of his life.

Of cousre, I agree with Billie’s next lines in the song, because people are shallow and they don’t see me as a real person, too. Billies sings, singing, “You say, ‘Come over baby. I think you’re pretty.’ I’m okay. I’m not your baby. If you think I’m pretty.” Basically, people see me as an object, too.

Therefore, I agree with Billie’s last lyrics, because people have no substance. “I’m gonna run this nothing town,” Billie points out to us.

In conclusion, this is a scary song. However, these days, my life resembles a living nightmare. Therefore, I can relate to the lyrics of Bilie’s song “You Should See Me In A Crown”. I recommend a listen, if you’re living a nightmare too.

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