In her song “Watch” from the Don’t Smile At Me 2017 album, Billie sings about the fate of unrighteous people, who will have to watch her from outside, according to my interpretation of the lyrics.

Billie begins her song by discussing the lyrics of the gnashing of the unrighteous one’s teeth. “Lips meet teeth and tongue. My heart skips eight beats at once,” as Billie sings in looking back in her lyrics.

Specifically, she can now call the BS on the game of bad people. Billie tells us, saying, “If we were meant to be, we would have been by now. See what you wanna see, but all I see is him right now.” Here, Billie tells us that the unrighteous ones only see what they want to see.

However, Billie has learned her lesson, which is never let the bad one back. Billie tells the listener: “I’ll sit and watch your car burn. With the fire that you started in me. But you never came back to ask it out. Go ahead and watch my heart burn. With the fire that you started in me. But I’ll never let you back to put it out.”

In the past, Billie lost sleep over this BS.

“Your love feels so fake. And my demands aren’t high to make. If I could get to sleep, I would have slept by now. Your lies will never keep, I think you need to blow ’em out,” sings Billie.

That being said, now, Billie is free.

“When you call my name. Do you think I’ll come runnin’? You never did the same,” adds Billie, “so good at givin’ me nothin’. When you close your eyes, do you picture me? When you fantasize, am I your fantasy? Now you know. Now I’m free.”

With that, these bad people will never get a second chance in Billie’s life. “Never let you back. Let you burn, let you burn. Never gonna let you back.”

Instead, the bad people can burn. Billie soulfully sings, “Let you burn.”

In brief,  Billie Eilish’s “Watch” is a great song. It has lots of emotional, meaningful lyrics. Plus, the dancing is great. It’s a great song and video, even though the unrighteous will have to watch from outside the walls.

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