While running around and thinking I could live forever, I remembered my own situation while listening to Billie Eilish’s “Listen Before I Go,” which is really my song.

Sadly, like me, Billie is dying when she sings these lyrics. “Take me to the rooftop. I want to see the world when I stop breathing turning blue.” Perhaps, she’ll get better healthcare.

As well, like me, Billie has horrible luck with love. “Tell me love is endless, don’t be so pretentious. Leave me like you do.”

Even though we’re both dying, we would like to see our friends. “If you need me. Wanna see me. Better hurry. Cuz I am leaving soon,” whimpers Billie.

Moreover, we can’t be saved. Billie softly cries: “Sorry can’t save me now. Sorry I don’t know how. Sorry there’s no way out. But down. Mm down.” It’s too late for us.

Because it’s been a long hard stressful time, it’s all taken it’s toll throughout the year on us. “Taste me the salty tears on my cheek. That’s what a year long headache does to you,” sobs Billie.

Like Billie, it’s been one of the most terrible years of my life. “It’s not ok. I feel so scattered. Don’t say ‘I am all that matters.’ Leave me. Deju vu,” sighs Billie.

Like Billie, I am going to miss all my friends when I go. “Call my friends,” cries Billie, “and tell them that I love them. And I’ll miss them. Sorry.” I hope my friends find out in chat or on cam.

In conclusion, I loved Billie Eilish’s “Listen Before I Go.” That being said, here’s my reason: I, too, am dying, so this song hits home. Plus, I would like all my friends to know via social media. So take a listen to “When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”

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