Here’s a favorite song of mine: “Bellyache” by Billie Eilish. Anyways, the song is about materialism aka money. Perhaps, we should just throw it away, since the love of money is the root of all evil. With that, this song will be added to my music on this site.

Anyways, the song starts with a familiar activity of mine: Chewing gum and sitting alone in this big, huge house.

“Sittin’ all alone. Mouth full of gum.” sighs Billie. “In the driveway.”

Moreover, who doesn’t want to kill their friends.

“My friends aren’t far,” stares Billie into the desert. “In the back of my car. Lay their bodies.”

But the cops after Billie for taking money. “They’ll be here pretty soon. Lookin’ through my room. For the money.”

Even though Billie has lots of money, it doesn’t benefit her. “Everything I do. The way I wear my noose,” reflects Billie, “like a necklace.”

In fact, money has made Billie reckless. Billies explains this to us, saying: “I wanna make ’em scared. Like I could be anywhere. Like I’m reckless.”

However, Billie is a minor, so she won’t be going to jail. Billies smiles, saying: “I’m bitin’ my nails. I’m too young to go to jail. It’s kinda funny.”

Perhaps, Billie’s ex-lover shouldn’t buy her fake gifts, which aren’t expensive. “Maybe it’s in the gutter. Where I left my lover. What an expensive fake,” smiles Billie after leaving the lover in the gutter.

However, revenge never gets anyone anywhere. Billie mutters, saying, “My V is for Vendetta. Thought that I’d feel better. But now I got a bellyache.”

In conclusion, you got to love this song. Who doesn’t love a psychopath? Someone who lost their mind. And is throwing money away like it’s useless. I hope you like it and listen to it for seven times in a row.

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