In regards to the finale of Stranger Things 1, on Saturday, December 8, 2019th, I checked out “Chapter Eight: The Upside Down,” which has a few takeaways on review. First, you may of missed it, but Joyce really told off the government when they had the nerve to ask her for help. Also, Chief Hopper confronts the government about kidnapping kids. As well, Chief Hopper has a friend at the New York Times. These are some good storylines to watch again if you missed the first airing of Stranger Things 1’s “Chapter Eight: The Upside Down”.

In a tense interrogation moment, at the beginning of this broadcast, the government asks Joyce for her help in finding a missing Will Byers. However, Joyce replies to the government, saying: “Stop. I know who you are. I know what you done. You took my boy away from me. You left him in that place to die. You faked his death. We had a funeral. We buried him, and now you’re asking for my help? Go to hell.”

Looking back, I really enjoyed this scene because Joyce told the government to get lost. I liked the fact that Joyce stood who ground when the government did her family wrong. Also, I couldn’t believe the government had nerve to ask when they tried to kill her family. Good for Joyce for telling the government to “go to hell”.

As well, the segment revealed government kidnapping of children. Chief Hopper calls out the government: “I know you do experiments on kidnapped little kids whose parent’s brains you turn to mush.”

This kidnapping scene reminded me of what’s happening to children held in detention centers in the news. Apparently, families are claiming the government kidnapped their kids. Also, these families claim their kids are being held in detention centers against their will. These kidnapping stories seem to be on the rise in the news.

Chief Hopper exposes the government cover-up.

“And I know you went a little too far this time,” says a bleeding Chief Hopper as government officials beat him up, “and you messed up in a big way. I mean, you really messed up big time. That’s why you’re trying to cover your tracks.”

When it comes to government cover-ups, there must be lots. For example, the CIA has many cover-ups (LSD secret experiments, the JFK shooting, UFOs, etc), which we only get in redacted form when the classified files are released under FOIA in time. Also, imagine all the Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) signed in the government; namely, the ones the Presidents and many other officials sign who don’t even sign their real name in these NDAs. That being said, everything leaves a paper trail, so nothing can be covered up for long.

Hopper knows everything about the government. “You killed Benny Hamon. You faked Will Byer’s death. You made it look like that little girl just ran away. See, I told you. I know everything,” grunts a tired Chief Hopper in a cell corner.

Because Chief Hopper knows the government’s secrets, he’s going to have a friend at the New York Times publish them.

“But I did give all this over to my friend who is working at the New York Times. He’s going to blow this thing wide open.”

However, Chief Hopper makes a deal with the government. He tells the corrupt government officials, saying, “Then I’ll tell you. I tell you where your little science experiment is.”

Overall, in review, I liked this wrap up on season one of Stranger Things. It exposes the bad side of government. Additionally, we learn the extend to which corrupt government officials will go. For examples, they are not above killing, kidnapping, or experimenting on kids. Anyways, in looking back, this segment gave me lots to think about.

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