Chapter Two: The Weirdo On Maple Street

Over the weekend, I watched Stranger Things 1’s “Chapter Two: The Weirdo On Maple Street” on Netflix for a second time. After watching it for a second time, one might have to look hard to see the issue of mentally ill children in asylums, but it is there, which was just a new thing in the 80s. Also, you may of missed the PTSD of Eleven and Joyce in this broadcast, too. As well, you may of missed the part where Chief Hopper investigates the Byers family for missing Will, which was new in the 80s. Finally, you might of not seen this one too, but a monster wants to kill Eleven and her new friends. In this second time around review, these story lines stood out to me in this Stranger Things 1 episode.

In an opening and non-obvious scene, Dustin sees Eleven begin to undress; however, he looks away in what may remind you of the bible story of Japheth and Shem when they saw their father’s nakedness. Dustin tells Mike and Lucas, saying, “Oh my god. Oh my, god.”

Apparently, Eleven hasn’t yet learned appropriate behavour when around people. Mike calmly explains to Eleven, saying, “Over there. That’s the bathroom. Privacy. Get it?” when she underesses in front of the Stranger Thing kids.

Shocked, Dustin feels embarrarred when seeing Eleven undress. He tells Mike and Lucas, saying, “She tried to get naked.”

Because Eleven doesn’t yet possess morals, Lucas thinks Eleven is mentally ill. Lucas says, “There is something seriously wrong with her. Like wrong in the head…. I bet she escaped from Penhurst. The nuthouse in Curly County.”

Meanwhile, back at the Byer’s household, Joyce is experiencing PTSD because Will disappeared without a trace. Jonathan pleads with Joyce, saying, “Mom! You can’t get like this ok?” Also, Joyce is chain smoking and jumping at every sound.

Joyce tells Hopper about her phone call from Will, which almost caused her to have a breakdown. Hopper says, “it probably was just a prank caller. it was probably just somebody trying to scare you… this thing has been on the tv… it brings out all the crazies.”

Since this episode takes place in the 80s, nobody really knew about prank callers. Jonathan asks Hopper, saying, “Who would do that?” Today, everyone knows about pranker callers.

Elsewhere, Chief Hopper turns his investigation toward family members. Hopper asks Joyce, saying, “You hear from Lonnie yet? It’s been long enough. I am having him checked out.” When it comes to murder or missing person investigations, the family members are the first suspects.

During this segment, the Stranger Things kids learn Eleven is in trouble. Eleven tells them, saying, “Bad.” She means bad people want to kill her.

Notably, “Chapter Two: The Weirdo On Maple Street” shines light on mentally ill children. In one scene, we scene orderlies hauling Eleven to solidary cell. In the 80s, children were locked in rooms in asylums.

Meantime, in this episode, Jonathan reunites with his dad, Lonnie.

“Tell your mother, she’s got to get you out of that hell hole. Come out here to the city. people more real here, you know. and I can see you more. you think i don’t want to see you? You see that’s your mother talking right there.”

During this get together, Lonnie comments on Joyce’s parenting skills.

“So one kid goes missing and the other one runs wild. Some real fine parenting right there. Look, all I am saying is maybe I am not the asshole,” Lonnie points out to his son, Jonathan.

Throughout this episode, we learn Eleven has no friends. She asks Mike, saying, “What is friend?”

Afterward, Mike has some questions for Eleven. “Will is hiding? From the bad men? Then from who?” Eleven answers Mikes questions by showing him a picture of a monster.

Overall, I liked Stranger Things 1’s “Chapter Two: The Weirdo On Maple Street,” which was a good second look. The first time I watched this I missed the issue of mentally ill children in mental asylums. Also, I didn’t catch on to Eleven’s and Joyce’s PTSD in this broadcast. Plus, I missed the part where goes after Lonnie because Joyce made a remark about his dead daughter. Lastly, I totally missed the monster on the first go around on this one. In review, these story lines popped out to me in this episode.

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