On Thursday, September 12, 2019th, I watched Stranger Things 2’s “Chapter Eight: The Mind Flayer,” which caught my interest at some points. First, on a double take, Will is a spy. Second, Billy isn’t watching Max, and she goes missing from the Hardgrove home. Third, Bob needs to stay calm if he wants to stay alive. Finally, it could be judgment day for the Stranger Things kids. These are just some stories lines that stood to me in my look back at Stranger Things 2.

In this segment, Mike sees Will for what he is: A spy. Mike tells his friends in a meeting at the laboratory, saying, “We need to make Will sleep! He’s a spy. If he knows where we are, so does the shadow monster. He killed those soldiers. He’ll kill us too.” Mike knows spies are dangerous.

Additionally, this spy gets people killed in this broadcast. First, soldiers at the Hawkins laboratory get killed in a battle with the demidogs. Also, Hawkins laboratory scientists are killed when demidogs infiltrate the laboratory. The spy aka Will is responsible for getting these people killed, but ultimately, it’s the Mind Flayer who’s responsible for the murders.

Elsewhere, Billy loses Max because he wasn’t watching her. Susan aka the step mom asks Billy, saying, “We can’t find Max.” Billy’s dad aka Neil adds, “Her window is open. Where is she?” Billy responds, “I don’t know.” Finally, the Neil says, “You were supposed to watch her.” Billy didn’t kept his eye on Max because she slipped out her bedroom window while nobody was looking.

However, the whole family is to blame for Max’s disappearance. Susan and Neil are the parents and they were out on a date. Billy wasn’t babysitting Max cause he was preparing for his date. The whole family dropped the ball when looking after Max.

That being said, Neil was an abusive dad. He called Billy names, and Billy would ignore them because he was a good son, which was really strong of Billy. Also, Neil assaulted Billy, and he would look for reasons to pick on Billy. Basically, Neil was a bad dad.

Anyways, Max was 13 years old. She’s old enough to look after herself. Apparently, Neil never got the memo.

Ultimately, Neil is responsible for the family. He’s the head of the family and household. Anyways, he should be setting a good example, and he shouldn’t be leaving the kids alone. Also, he shouldn’t beat Billy. In the eyes of the law, Neil would be held legally responsible if anything bad happened in the family.

“Chapter Eight: The Mind Flayer” sees Bob needing to stay calm.

“Keep it together, Bob.” sighs a sweaty Bob as he narrowly averts a steaming pipe.

Aside, in this episode, Bob puts his computer programming skills to use when he has to use the laboratory computer to open the doors in the facility. “Open sesseme. Easy peasy,” smiles Bob as he opens the doors to the Hawkins laboratory.

At the end of “Chapter Eight: The Mind Flayer,” Bob dies when demidogs eat him. “Did you guys know what Bob was the orignal founder of Hawkn’s AV? He petitioned the school to start it and everything. Then he had a fundraiser for equipment. Mr. Kirk learned everything from him. Pretty awesome right?” says Mike to the Stranger Things kids at a reflective moment in the basement.

Although he was pretty calm, Bob made some fatal mistakes. He left his gun behind when trying to get back to the Stranger Things kids. Also, he knocked over a broom, which got the attention of a demidog. The demigods get Bob because he forgot his gun.

During the middle of this broadcast, Mike figures out the key to stopping the Mind Flayer. Mike explains to his friends: “His army. Maybe if we can stop him, we can stop his army too.”

Like a snake, Mike needs to cut of the head. If Mike cuts off the head, the rest of the body will be lost. The key to destroying the Mind Flayer is separating the head from the rest of the body.

Additionally, we learn the Mind Flayer, the demidogs, and Will are all of one mind. Dustn explains, “A collective consciousness. It’s a super organism.”

The Mind Flayer works as a single organism. All the demigods and people are just separate parts of one body. And all these separate parts function together as if body parts in one body. The is all over cohesive whole to the Mind Flayer.

Toward the end of this broadcast, it could be judgment day for the Stranger Things kids. Max tells Lucas, saying, “If he finds out where we are, will he send those dogs after us? Lucas reponds, “He won’t find out.” Max adds, “Yeah, but, if he does.” Finally, Lucas says, “Judgment day.”

Overall, I enjoyed the second look at “The Mind Flayer” of Stranger Things 2. Will was exposed as mole. Also, too bad Bob died because he wasn’t cautious. Finally, judgment day was averted for another day because the demidogs’ attention was diverted from the Stranger Things kids. In retrospect, this episode was worth a second look.

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