After watching season three of Stranger Things, I decided to watch season two of Stranger Things’ first episode “MadMax” on Netflix, on Sunday, July 20, 2019th; with that, here’s some story lines, which caught my attention when looking back. First Eleven had a sister, Kali. Second, Chief Hopper continues to lie even though it was back in season two. Third, a pumpkin patch was deliberately poisoned by someone. Forth, because it was a “new” phenomena, people were skeptical of PSTSD in the 80s. Fifth, Stevie, Nancy, along with Barbara’s parents enjoy KFC, while Barbara remains missing. Finally, we saw the emergence of VCR’s. Hopefully, this episode should help understand season three and upcoming season four of Stranger Things.

In this broadcast, we briefly learn Eleven has a family. In particular, Eleven has a sister, and her name is Kali. She lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and there might be more siblings because Kali is number 8. This family story has yet to play out, so it will probably happen in season four.

With that, in “Madmax,” Murray Bauman has a crazy, insane story, which he wants to tell to Chief Hopper. Murray tells the wild story, saying, “I now believe there was, and there very well may be a Russian spy presence in Hawkins. I am talking multiple reports. Multiple reports of a Russian child in Hawkins. A girl who may have psionic abilities. Psychic.” Later, we learn Murray’s story was true.

In particular, this Russian girl (now we know as Eleven or El for short) can move objects with her mind.

“I talked to a Big Buy employee who said some little girl shattered the door with her mind. Then last month the coworkers of Ted Wheeler claims some Russian girl with a shaved head was hiding in his basement. And now denies this. But it connects, this girl, she is some kind of a Russian weapon, right. Barbara sees this girl. She tries to help her, perhaps, but before she can the Russians find them, take them. Kidnapped, killed, don’t you get it Jim, this has potentially international implications. I am talking a full on Russian invasion right here in Hawkins,” screams a worried looking Murray Bauman.

However, when pressed further from Murray, Chief Hopper lies. Jim says, “You know, I like your alien theory a lot better.” Jim was lying even back then in season two of Stranger Things.

After the incident with a worried Murray, a unworried Chief Hopper travels out to a Hawkins pumpkin field. Some old man explains to Hopper, saying: “Eugene. He been complaining about me to just about anyone that would listen. Well, he started this ‘pick your pumpkin’ thing. Acted like it was trade marked or something. I said, ‘hire yourself a damn lawyer or something.”

When Hopper gets back from his pumpkin field visit, Hopper and Joyce talk about Will’s PTSD. “More episodes. More nightmares.”

Because PSTD was a new thing back in the 80s, Sam Owen explains PTSD to Joyce and Jim. Sam says: “From what we know about post tramatic stress, and we’re still learning, ok, just treat him normally. Be patient with him. Don’t pressure him to talk. Just let him lead the way… But I assure you, that is really the best thing you can do for him. I realize what you want through last year, but those people are gone.”

While quietly talking with Joyce, Hopper agrees that PTSD is real. “And look that post tramatic stuff he’s talking about. That stuff is real,” whispers Hopper.

While watching one scene, I noticed things have really changed since the 80s. When Hopper and Eleven sat down to eat in this one scene, we saw old school TV dinners. Back then, TV dinners had foil lids. They looked bigger, too; however, they looked “frozen” and were soggy when heated up. Today, they must be adding something to those meals because they’re not so soggy. Furthermore, in 2019, frozen TV dinners come in flimsy plastic trays, which you heat up with the flimsy plastic lid. Frozen TV dinners have changed.

Meanwhile, at Barbara’s house, with Barbara’s parents, Steve and Nancy eat KFC.

“It means what the lazy son of a bitch, Jim Hopper what the Hawkins police haven’t been capable of doing. It means with a real detective on the case. If anyone can find her, it’s this man. He already has leads.”

As well, when talking to the rest of the Stranger Things kids, Dustin believes in democracy. Dustin exclaims: “Last time I checked, our party is not a dictatorship. It’s a democracy.” Oh yeah, Dustin had an American flag flying at his house.

Oddly, the Stranger Things 2 Reagan/Bush 84 lawn sign seemed weird in this episode. Perhaps, it seemed everyone was conservative in the 80s, which it seemed to me. Perhaps, there were outsiders, a group of multicultural characters, hanging out together like on Stranger Things 2 in the olden days. Really, I don’t know, but it could be just another attempt at historical revision by a TV show.

With “Madmax,” we see the start of commerical video recording revolution, which characterized some of the 80s era. Austin explains video recording to Joyce, saying, “You got to get used to it. This is the future.” That being said, Austin was right: We got Iphones and webcam today.

Because of the rise of video recording in the 80s, people rented video cassettes of top movies. After a trip to the local video store, Jonathan tells Will : “I don’t know what you like, so I got a variety.” However, today, VCRs are obsolete, and there is one Blockbuster store in all of the USA; furthermore, now, people pay and download movies.

Briefly, “Madmax” had some interesting storylines. Mainly, the storyline of Eleven’s sister, Kali, was interesting, so I hope they follow up on it in season three. Also, I like the story line about PTSD, which I found interesting. Finally, I liked the part about VCR’s. Some of these story lines were followed up in season 3 of Stranger Things.

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